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Fitbit is a consumer electronics industry that deals in electronic product. It was founded in 2007 having headquarters in California, United States. Eric Friedman is the CTO and James Park is chief executive officer, Gareth Jones is General Manager, Woody Scal is Chief Revenue Officer of the company. James Park, Eric Friedman is the founder of the company. Fitbit company provide service such as Mobile apps, prenium reports, App gallery and partners, developer APIs. The company product such as flex (wireless activity, sleep wristband), zip (wirless activity tracker), one (wireless activity, sleep tracker), aria (wi fi Smart scale). The company accessories are USB Dongle, Charging Cable etc. Fitbit also provide body mass index, and percentage of body; and wirelessly upload. Fitbit is the first company to offer Android Bluetooth 4.0 syncing. The company invest in multiplatform mobility.

Customer Care Contacts Of Fitbit

Mailing Address: 1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02210, United States
Telephone Number: +
Valuable Contact Number for Customer Care Support
Phone Number:
Additional Contact Number for General Inquiries
Phone Number:
Contact Number for Essential Services
Phone Number:
Email ID:

know The Amazing Features OF Fitbit

Fitbit is a electronic device, produced to set the new standards of healthy life style. Fitbit carries the fallowing Features:
  • Fitbit an electronic and automatic device that enables the user to check the status of daily health exercise and also empower user to compare the results.
  • Fitbit aims to improve the health of people by providing them accurate results of daily workout, that consists of timing, speed and accuracy of performed exercise.
  • Fitbit is fully automatic and has indicators that aids in measuring the heart-rate, blood pressure and the current status of fitness.
  • Fitbit is ideal devices that helps the people during workout, to measure their efforts and results. Fitbit is perfect tool for athletes, sports persons and common individuals desired to live a healthy life.

Facts About Wear And Care Of Fitbit

Fitbit as mentioned is a sophisticated device and needs bit of care while using the device. A user must take care of fallowing things:
  1. Keep It Clean: A user of Fitbit must keep the band clean from water and sweat especially after workout. Fitbit band should be always dry, but take care, do not clean the band with soaps or locations, instead use oil and brushes to clean the Fitbit band.
  2. Keep It Dry: Try to keep your band dry although the band is water proof but it is better to use a dry band for better results.
  3. Avoid Tight Band: You must avoid the Band if it doesn't fit your wrist, Fitbit is a lighter item but a tight band can cause irritation and can disturb heart-rate during exercise.

Fitbit Address Detail

Fitbit address is San Francisco, California, United States.

Fitbit Official Email Address

Fitbit email address is .

Fitbit Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Fitbit is / / (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Fitbit Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Theresa Evans TellsNov 11, 2016

I have just received my fourth Fit Bit HR in the mail today. I like your product very much. I have trouble with the band around the charging area keeps breaking. I take care not to let band hang with charging. I clean as you stated. I am returning to you the three broken ones maybe you can tell why I am having this issues.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Susan Kilpatrick TellsNov 04, 2016

Hi our fit bit steps are not recording daily on to our computer. We are Susan and Andrew Kilpatrick. We always have 10, 000 steps daily and lately there is no logging it to our computer. Our mobile phone number is 0417612196. Emails Au and

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mike Myler TellsSep 29, 2016

My Fitbit HR that i received as a gift in December is starting to come apart. Is there any warranty for it?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mike Myler TellsSep 29, 2016

I received a Fitbit HR as a gift in December. The outer casing is coming apart. Is there a warranty/.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Carika TellsSep 26, 2016

Why is my IP address blocked?

How do I go about unblocking it so I can access my Fitbit account again?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sarah Cooper TellsAug 23, 2016

I was given a Fitbit as a present less than a year ago and it is starting to come apart at the sides. I was hoping for a replacement.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Andy TellsAug 09, 2016

I have just bought a Fitbit Blaze. I got it home and went to charge it. Nothing. I have read some complaints on your website and it sounds i am not the first person to experience this problem. How can a brand new $300 AU watch have charging issues. I am not impressed. Please contact me immediately with a solution. Andy .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Andrew Baxter TellsJul 31, 2016

I bought a Fitbit Sports from Amazon UK on two September 2015 for my wife. It no longer holds a charge for more than a few hours. What can be done?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jeni Marshall TellsJul 10, 2016

I have tried all suggestions to get steps back on Fitbit charge hr. I. E. Restart, plugin to computer open and close Bluetooth. Hold button when plugged in for 12 seconds. Open and close Bluetooth. Still no steps showing. This has worked before.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marjorie W Smith TellsJul 09, 2016

My Fitbit charge is dead. My iphone tells me it is fully charged, but there is no sign of life when plugged in or when button on wristband is pushed. I could not find any help on the forum. I could not make contact with any of the help numbers listed
Please advise
Mardie Smith.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Samantha Crockford TellsJul 04, 2016

Hi I have a Fitbit flex and it won't charge. I do not know what is wrong with it if you could help me please. If you could contact me please on 0438606793.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Christina TellsJun 07, 2016


My Fitbit does not want to update it keeps coming up with error and keeps showing the wrong time and date. Please help me fix it.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Michelle TellsMay 18, 2016

Will not pair will any blue tooth and i just got it today.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Debbie Honeycutt TellsApr 10, 2016

Hi, I am having difficultly with my fit bit charge, I've had it 3-4 months and it is coming apart. Where at the plastic area on the band where I plug in to charge it. Please help. Thanks, Debbie Honeycutt .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Wendy Davis TellsMar 08, 2016

Who looks after customer service in Australia? Is there a phone number? I have sent three emails to '' (the address featured on the Fitbit warranty page) however i have had no response. I cant find a phone number anywhere. We live on the outskirts of Sydney. This is very disappointing for a 12 year old boy who loves his Fitbit and wants one that works.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sandra Anne Sim TellsFeb 12, 2016

Hello Customer care assistant,

I am in Brisbane Australia. I received a Fitbit for Christmas. My son offered to set up my account for me, but unfortunately he entered an incorrect email address. Consequently I have been unable to verify my account details. The email address which he entered was: sandraas. THIS IS INCORRECT

My correct email address is: sandraa. THIS ONE IS CORRECT

My contact phone numbers for verification are cell phone: +61 402 780 650 and Ph/fax: +617 3150 7069

Could you please change my email address on your records so that I can fully enjoy using my Fitbit. Yours sincerely,

Sandra Anne Sim .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Carol Floro TellsDec 30, 2015

Hi thereMy whole family owns Fitbit Charge HRWe all love them. But something is wrong with mine. The charge never holds. No one else has this problem. Except mine. Any way I can get a replacement. I have the receipts. Bought at Best Buy.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kaushal Kumar Upadhyay TellsDec 10, 2015

Your all phone number is not existed pl give me customer care number.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kaushal Kumar Upadhyay TellsDec 10, 2015

8776234997 Number is not velied number many times i try, but its not responce.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Debbi TellsNov 27, 2015

My husband and I have had our Fitbit Charges for almost a year, my husbands one is falling apart so badly that he has had to tape it together, mine is coming apart too the side opposite the button is peeling away and the part on the strap where it clicks in is almost completely broken off. We love them and look after them well. What can we do next, they clearly need to be replaced, also mine is often not picking up the steps.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Dr Dola Banerjee TellsNov 17, 2015

Dear Reader, I have a product of Fitbit which is not functioning. I charged it for five hrs, still no response. How can I restart it again.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kushagra Mishra TellsSep 22, 2015

My Fitbit flex wireless wristband is not working and I have purchased it three months ago and I am not able to contact costumer care please help me and send me the costumer care number of Delhi )India).

Customer service phone female
Ms. Aileen Sackett TellsSep 01, 2015

I purchased a Fitbit flex a couple of weeks ago and I charged it up and it worked one day and then it stopped working and I reset it and it worked for an hour then it would not re-sync.

Customer service phone male
Mr. George Jurtata TellsJun 04, 2015

My wife and I have fit bits. When we walk identical distances together, my Fit bit registers considerably more steps and miles than hers. One of the products is not monitoring correctly. What can you tell me about this problem?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jaswant Singh TellsApr 07, 2015

I purchased fit bit thru Amazon on Feb 14th 2014. It band cracked in few weeks. It was replaced by your office. Now I am unable to charge. It can be on USB port for even 12hrs There is no charging. I tried to clean contact rubbing with clean paper of no help. Appreciate if you please suggest the solution unless you have designed this product for one year life span only.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ladonna Jones TellsMar 23, 2015

I have written before about my Fitbit not holding a charge. It works fine for a day or two then totally dead. I love it and tried what you have told me to do. It takes a charge, but only lasts for short time like two days. Thank you for any help you can give me. LaDonna.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kaye Terrell TellsMar 21, 2015

After purchasing second charger for the flex with no better results than the first, i gave up and upgraded to the fitbit charge hr which plugs directly into the module. My flex had been a battle from the beginning (6 mos. ) to get it to charge. Just got frustrated with dealing with it. They both keep me motivated and i like that, just wish there was better support. These items are not cheap.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Teena Caccamo TellsMar 18, 2015

My Fitbit flex stopped tracking last evening at about 8:00 pm. Tried to re-sync on my laptop with no results, really not sure what to try next, would appreciate some advice what to do next.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Christina TellsMar 13, 2015

The mailbox didn't introduce itself, and stating it is full. Tried another numbers. Disconnected and asked me if i want to contact one of four companies who shares the same numbers, and Fitbit CS is not one of them.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Vipin Rana TellsFeb 20, 2015

Hi There, I have Fitbit ARIA device which model number is FB201B and it is under warranty. This is request to you that. I have already been raised a complaint to your As case ID is Case number 04211019. two and half days already left and i didn't get any reply from your side.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Gloria Casillas TellsFeb 11, 2015

The Fitbit stopped registering step and activity. Tried to reload using the main menu. Stopped registering at about 1:45 and nothing has gotten it to count my treadmill walking and sweeping up the patio steps.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Toni Cox TellsDec 29, 2014

To whom it may concern, I need a charger with my Fitbit and was hoping you could send me one. When I went to charge my Fitbit it was not in the package. Thank You ToniCox. Excited to get started. Thank -you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Disappointed TellsDec 20, 2014

My credit card was compromised and I contacted Fitbit the moment I saw an unauthorized transaction on my account done by the frustrater, in efforts to stop the product from getting sent out. To my surprise, Fitbit did nothing and continued to process the order, transaction was posted to my account, product goes to the frustrater. What kind of controls and policies does this company have?

Customer service phone female
Ms. M A TellsNov 29, 2014

After calling the above number, the message was that the number was unavailable, i also had a difficult time trying to find a customer service number for Fitbit. I have to replace the battery in my Fitbit and after doing so it would not turn on again. It has some sort of problem.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Trudy Krisher TellsNov 19, 2014

No response. Got a click off. I was calling to facilitate a return. Your website says there is a returns form, but it is not accessible on the site. Terrible for consumers.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Achal L TellsNov 03, 2014

Good Day Team,

A month back a colleague of mine helped me pick a fit-bit flex from Australia. It was working in the best of the condition until a week back it stopped syncing. Bluetooth was not getting recognized. The device was getting charged completely and once charged device is taken off the charger it goes off. I looked up the net and did all the basic unit testing and did follow the instructions from the fit-bit's official site. Did manage to watch few videos on YouTube and followed all the steps, but in vain. This is my second attempt of dropping a note to Fit-bit team as my initial query came back as resolved without being contacted, which was little disappointing. Do let me know how can I get this fixed? I reside in India and will be able to ship it across and get a replacement or is there any other means to get this issue resolved. Waiting to hear back from the team. Kindly do the needful,

Customer service phone female
Ms. Rosa Lawrence TellsOct 09, 2014

No, complaint. My name is Rosa Lawrence and i am a teacher at Hopewell High School in Hopewell,VA. I am very interested in your product which i think would be good for our school system. This is my e-mail address or K12. Va. Us it will be a great honor if i could speak to someone about this product which i think i could help market these items.
Thank you
God bless.

Customer service phone male
Mr. tuininga TellsJul 17, 2014

We are still waiting for your answer refer our problem with the mall functioning Fitbit. We forwarded our email last week. Please reply by email as we are currently in UK.

Customer service phone male
Mr. darryll heedes TellsAug 03, 2013

I got the fit bit for my wife, still have the
Box and all the gear, but have lost the

It works for about ten min then just
Shut downs.

She has asked me to return it because
It isnt what she wants and it did not help
In selling it too her with the fact it dosnt

I got it from dick smith at livingston
In canning vale perth western australia,
About two mths ago.

Are you able to help

Thank you

Darryll heedes

Customer service phone female
Ms. KRISTIE ORTEGA TellsJul 22, 2013


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