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Customer service phone male
Mr. Charles D Thomas TellsNov 22, 2016

I had two allstste disability insurance checks sent to me that somehow never found me even they were valid checks I just happened to find out about them by accident. But when I called the told me they would put a stop payment on the checks and issue me new ones, but they never came when I called they told me it was out of their hands and to E mail When looked they wanted 39. 95. For the first year of service looks like a scam to me can you please advise and let me know what I should do. After all they are 2200 dollars of my money. Thanks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Roxana Rodriguez TellsOct 09, 2016

For the past four month I been having issues with the cable company, Comcast after my contract expired without notice increase my premium. I called and I was told not to send a payment that my bill was going to be adjusted, I received a second bill for double the amount, I called and they told me that the first statement was incorrect. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they never called, I paid the bill not to deal with it anymore and the sent me what I thought it was a regular bill, my forth bill is received and now is increased again, I call yesterday and after being in the phone for over an hour each time they only gave me credit for $20. 00, some one needs to stop them Comcast is charging customers for service and equipment that customer did not asked for.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Lazarus TellsSep 29, 2016

So I found out my wallet was stolen, and I canceled my credit and debit card. The bank, "Wellsfargo" only canceled my credit, but not my debit. I noticed a charge on my account the following day, so I called back and made sure they canceled both. About a week later, I find a negative balance of a $1, 000. So I call and find out that, Wellsfargo is charging for a redeposit of a check I had deposit in my account in MAy by phone. Turns out, the thief who stole my wallet cash the same check into his account. Now the bank wants me to pay for it. Why should I have to pay for something that was not done by me?
I have a police report that states when I canceled everything and what was in my wallet. That was, 8/21/16 and the fraudulent activity was done on the 24th of August. I guess I left a used check in my wallet that I must have forgotten about, that I had already deposit. Consequently I am the one paying the consequence for the theft.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Wilhelmins Gonzalez TellsSep 01, 2016

Hi Howard, I had a Storage unit at Extra Space storage, my unit was late in payment, I've had the unit for four years and it had been late before and I always received a certified letter saying there was a lien on it and it gave the date of the auction and it always have you a chance to pay it before the auction, I went on line today to see the total I owed and my unit wasn't there, so I went over to the storage and spoke to the employee there who said my unit was put up for auction on the 185th. I was never given written notice of this and I lost everything, mostly sentimental to me and my family, I am so upset and want to know if they can do this without written notice. Thank you for your help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jazmin Aguirre TellsAug 25, 2016

Good morning Help me Howard;
I'm the president of an Association of 13 townhouses, which have one of the townhouse abandoned for more than eight years now and without any information to whom to contact (no bank, title company or anything) that are responsible for this abandoned house, we had tried with several realtors to find any information as many people are interested on buying this townhouse and our Association is getting affected by the missing fees from this apartment as well as is getting destroyed. Our Address is 275 West 68 St. Hialeah, FL 33014
Please advise what can we do about this situation?
Thank you so much
Jazmin Aguirre
President of Amelia Park Condo

Customer service phone female
Ms. Thadricka Franklin TellsAug 24, 2016

Hello my name is Thadricka Franklin, I recently purchased a 2008 Honda civic from Florida auto connection in hollywood florida. I paid 5200 for the car including tag and registration. The owner sidi comes off as a nice man, but he is a fraud the car had a bent axel in the back and told me to come in just to place me in a 2005 Toyota camry with a whole lot of engine problems. I have called continously called the shop the only person who has been answering is a man named Michael and he can not do much as he said. Please help me everything is stressful and emotional I am a single parent going to school and trying keep my bills paid I can not afford to fix all these problems on the car. Plus they do not have a mechanic on the car lot. I feel bamboozled. Please help me howard.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Karol Coppola TellsAug 22, 2016

I hired Terminex three months ago to get rid of mice, rats in my attic. The did an exclusion around the house at least five times and they are still getting in. I paid for my attic to be sanitized deodorized and and cleaned. They also installed new insulation that I was told would keep rats, mice, ants, roaches away. After numerous tries, they obviously can not handle this problem and I want my money back so I an hire someone else who specializes in this type of problem. I was told over a week ago that someone would get back to me that day or the next about filing for the refund and I have not heard from anyone. Please help. This is a disgusting and frustrating situation. Not to mention that I am out $2500. 00 and still have the same problem.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Camille Powell TellsAug 13, 2016

South Florida
Camille and Marvin Powell

RE: Help Me Howard
Please help our baby have somewhere to live. I am six months pregnant now. My husband and I bought our 1st home after moving in
only one day the nightmare happened with water destroying
everything. We had an inspection done before closing on our mortgage loan. We had to leave the 2nd day and have been now getting the run around with a public insurance adjuster and the insurance company. I am six months pregnant and need your help Howard. I keep calling both companies and cannot believe the lying people we are dealing with. Even they are lying to us about what each one tells the other. I have asked all my friends to pray that you help me. Thank you Camille and Marvin Powell
Please help our baby to have somewhere to live. Phone (Best to text or call)

Customer service phone female
Ms. Odette Regisme TellsJul 27, 2016

I have a judge name David French is Delray Beach, FL. He is bias towards all women. I am a divorced woman with one child. My Exhusband and his counsel Scott Weiss done a fraudulent final judgment without my knowledge and presence. Due to this catastrophic fraud, I do not have any child support and alimoney. Plus my exhusband tries to have full custody of my son. I just an emergency motion to modify me child custody order. I have police reports that show that my ex-husband violated the court order numerous times. I attached the police report with the emergency motion, judge David French denied my motion. Any motion that i ever asked this judge, he denied it. IF my exhusband ask him anything, he granted it. The evidence is clear that Judge David French is bias toward women only. Please I need your help to find my son. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sandra Diaz TellsJul 22, 2016

I purchased a Condo in March 2016 and the the Estoppel letter received from the condo association reflected a credit of $258. 00. However, after closing of property the bill me an assessment fee of 680. 00, this was for an elevator improvement this was due from previous owner and due to their clerical error it was not charged at closing. My closing attorney sent letter to association in regards that estoppel letter did not mention this assessment. During the past three months I paid my monthly maintenance fees, but the association was applying these fees to this special assessment fee instead of my maintenance fees. I just sold condo last week and the association again in this Estoppel letter is stating that I owe the assessment fee)same fee that was not charge to previous owner). I called association, but they are not returning my calls. I spoke to the buyer closing attorney and she has called and email the association, and again they do not respond to her call. Please help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annette Blancaneaux TellsJul 20, 2016

We hired Prestige Movers 6/9/16 on 6/11/16 East Coast movers and storage showed to our home. Matthew at Prestige Movers whom we gave the initial deposit to of $612 he said leave everything in the dresser. We wrap it in plastic. East Coast movers showed up they said the drawers have to be empty. When they finished loading the truck they had added $1260 more to the $1750. The company is holding our stuff hostage. We have paid them 1612 dollars +$600 two retain Dan Raab. We do not have that kind of $
the stress they have put on our family our marriage. Anything you fill out online these people get a hold of your information and bid Prestige called me on the 9th at 9:20 in the morning. Josh is his name a jerk and Matthew the one who told us to keep everything in the drawers Matthew was the one who took my daughter's hard-earned $612. Thank you in advance for your valuable time Annette and Stephen J Blancaneaux.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Donnell Lewis TellsJul 08, 2016

My name is Donnell Shabazz Lewis. Our friend Ramon said call you. I attended N. Lauderdale Elementary SiLver Lakes Middle as Donnell Wright and once at Coconut Creek High in 10th grade they called me to the office and said my Social Security Number corresponds to Donnell Shabazz Lewis and this I must go by. Through my my correspondence with NYC vital statistics and Mental Hygiene they are telling me I would have to reproduce the Name change order from 1987 which the Unified NYC courts explained to me that these documents are basement document which take three to four months to sort through. I have three sisters that are my step-dads biological children. I am in the process of renewing my Florida Wastewater license and getting my CDL(I have the Permit). To make matters worse my Drivers License expires 11/11/2016. I am in the process of getting my high school transcripts to prove I've been both Donnell Wright and Donnell Lewis . Please Email me at or call me at .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Maurice Mcabian TellsJul 01, 2016

Dear Help me Howard Team, I WON, in "AUCTION. COM" a property in Tallahassee Florida, For $83, 500 "Around" at beginning they took from me $2. 500, 00" That was in Dec. 2015 - About two months LATER the asked for additional $4, 000. 00" AND I SEND it too, Later they told me that a tree falled on that property, SO I have to wait until it will be fixed, THEN we shall proceed with CLOSIBG. In Mid of May, 2016 they notified me that closing will be on May 20th, BUT, surprisingly on May 18th, they Emailed me that "THE Deal" is canclled, I, sent to them a warning Mail. And REFUSED to accept their REFUND of my $6, 500 BACK PLEASE Accept my appoogy, BUT I assure YOu, that THIS CASE is STRONG ONE, and I Mautrice McABIAN will pay you your fees Thank You "" Hallandale Fl.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ana G. Andreu TellsJun 28, 2016

Ace Hardware Store Complaint
To: Mr Shor

I visited store to re-screen two screen window frames and a patio door frame. To my surprise when I came to pick them up I found two new window screens and the door frames have been altered with metal brackets at each of the corners with screws all over the frame. None of the frames were damaged nor broken. I am very upset at the fact that no one called me to tell me of these changes to my order. My door does not close now because of all these added screws to a perfectly good frame. Because of all these brackets applied to my frame, the door can not shut anymore and so it is useless now. Mr Shor will only credit the re-screening. I need a new door. The door is now useless. Thank you
Ana G. Andreu .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Luis Padovani TellsJun 27, 2016

Hi my mother just got knee surgery, she was put into a rehabilitation facilty here in Boca Raton which is horrible. Rooms are run down and they never cleaned the rest rooms since she has been there which is shared one wk. She lays in bed with a sodded dipper for hours, consequently has a rash on her legs. She requires constant ice on her knee for swelling, we are always having to request new ice because it melts and makes a puddle on floor which is not mopped up. Tv is always losing signal, i was told to call comcast, not their problem. Flies and mosscitos in the room on curtin possily from a window cracked. Horrible service and maintance. They have the worst reviews on line, but i guess nobody ever steps up to make a change. The staff are always sitting on chairs in the hallway just eating and talking, no interaction or sweet talk with these poor elderly people that cant speak up or even have love ones. Please help us MR. Howard the phones. Please HELP FAST.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Wilfrance Pierre TellsJun 22, 2016

My name is Wilfrance Pierre and my phone number is . The department of Treasury is currently holding $1, 686. 00 from income tax to be sent to the child support department. I just received a letter from the child support department stating that if they do not receive the money my work license and my passport will be suspended by July 1st. I contact the department of treasury who informed me that it might take two to four weeks for the money to be released and that I should still get credit for it because not only I have been up to date with my payments, but they also provide me with a letter to bring to the child support department. I then went to the child support department with that letter, but they still want me to pay that money before July 1st. I do not have that much money sitting in the bank and I do need my license to work. What can I do in that situation?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Wilfrance Pierre TellsJun 22, 2016

The Department of Treasury is currently holding $1, 686. 00 from my income tax, to be sent to child support department. I received a letter from the child support department stating that my work license and my passport will be suspended by July 1st if they do not receive the money. I contacted the department of treasury which stated that the money will be released directly to the child support department and that they should give me credit for the amount. I then went to the child support department and spoke with them face to face and also presented a letter that was sent to me by the department of treasury; they still insisted that they will suspend my work license if they do not get the money.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Alicia Bourne TellsJun 21, 2016

I have a complaint against the Home Owners Helpline 2500 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 310, Hollywood, FL, 33020. I have tried to contact them and resolve this on my own and have been hung up on and yelled at. I have paid $6, 000 to them and have had no action taken to resolve my pending foreclosure since 2010. I have not received a receipt showing what the six grand was spent on. I have received another clients personal SS number and bank information via email due to their negligence and unprofessionalism

I have been taken advantage of feel helpless against what I now believe to be a fraudulent company. Please contact me via email or at

Thank You
Alicia Bourne.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Paulette Willims TellsJun 02, 2016

I live in a Condo in Pembroke Pines, the owner above my unit is doing renovation in her condo and extending her bathroom into her closet. I was told by the contractor they need access to my condo to rip open my ceiling to move the pipes over. I gave them the opportunity twice, but they did not comply. The property manager and his lawyers threatened to sue me if i did not allow them entry again into my unit to rip out my ceiling. They have now ripped out the ceiling and i am living in this "toxic box" with all the environmental hazards exposed. They have not fix back the ceiling and I have been living with this for the past six days. This is wrong, inconvenient, affecting my health, living in dust and I call the contractor and property manager and they totally ignore me or make excuses. I need help.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Lucas Mangham TellsMay 05, 2016

I live in Kendall Florida in a home owned by a older woman I feel is being taken advantage of by her housing association her daughter and myself live in the home bottom floor of three unit condo/type apartment which is 100% paid off. Monthly dues are $347. There is a severe roof leak which they refuse to pay attention or do anything to fix the problem has been reoccurring for over four year's. Countless personal possessions furniture and other objects have been ruined interior wall and roof has horrible damage possibly mold. To rephrase the latter there is no possibility of mold. There is mold in the closet and along the baseboard also electrical issues throughout the home I've spoken to xiomara Lopez who is the representative for professional management. This home is an investment which was supposed to be passed down to the Next Generation, but if no one gives us any help there be nothing left to pass down.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nelio Delva TellsMay 04, 2016

Hi. My husband lost his car keys so we called U. S locksmith on 163rd St on 19th Ave so they came to our location and made us a new key. The next day the key wouldn't work. So we contacted locksmith and the tech came he hooked it to his computer and he got to work. Later on again it wouldn't work again so my husband change the battery and even put in a new starter. We had a mechanic come look at the car he checked everything and he said nothing is wrong with the car. So again we called locksmith and from there on it's always a run around. This was since 4/19/16 and today is 5/2/16 we still haven't gotten it fixed. We asked for our refund the owner was very rude to us and said we do not deserve a refund. How can we fix this Howard? We spent $193. 67 for a non working key.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Latraya Mckire TellsApr 26, 2016

I Latraya Mckire have been homeless for two years now I am an single mom I have three little girls. We been house to house now sleeping in the car. I reached out to different shelters over time and no one has ever been able to do anything for me shelters everywhere are full I even went far as to calling Domestic Violence shelters acting like a victim to get my kids and I out of this living condition and in an more safe environment and that too failed there is no space anywhere I dnt know anything else to do I even reached out to local officials that help the community they too could not do anything I'm driving around with suspended license my car is all we have. I see you help people please help us. My number is .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jocelyne Sidney TellsApr 12, 2016

I had a citibank card dated 1993, 1998. I stopped paying it in 1998. In 2004 they sold the account to unifund CCR Parners. A judge asked me to pay whatever I could on a 2, 500. 00 original loan. They added interest, court fees that brought up to around $2, 937. 31. I have been paying them since 2004 to 2011 $40. 00 a month. In 2011 because they the last 11 years that I am paying no statement. I starded paying them $40. 00 a month from 2011-2014. Another three more years which is approximately 13 years payments 156 months at $40. 00 a month I did the garnishment exemption they made the judge deny it, I couldn't make the hearing I could'nt drive. I was in the hospital for a week. I am a widower and head of the household a son, a disable child to support. I cannot afford no garnishment moment. Can you please help me. My phone is or . I have my bank statements to prove it.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Dayana Olive TellsMar 15, 2016

Hello I am a tenant in a foreclosed condo and I have a problem with my condo association, they never told me the condo was in foreclosure and I found out because they served some documents to the apt. I stop paying the rent to save money and leave, but with no prior notice they sent me an eviction letter that we had three days to leave, and because of that they made us sing a paper that we needed to pay them all the money we didn't pay. We never had a lease, we had month to month, and now they want me to sign a lease which is fine for me, but they want me to sign another paper that says. That if the bank comes before 90 days they will give me three months and if they come after that they only give me one month. I do not think that I should sign that because when the foreclosure end its between the bank and me the tenant. The bank offers money to help the tenant some money to go to a new place not the condo association. Please I need some advise.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Timika Hogans TellsMar 09, 2016

Hello Howard
My name is Ms. Hogans and my cellphone number is . I was in an accident on New Year's Eve of 2015. I reserved a car online at Enterprise car rental through the insurance process and was taken advantage of by the branch Manager, Eric. When I got to the brach he changed the reservation to a 48. 00 a day rental. I called when I noticed the amount and he explained that he put me in the wrong vehicle and he needed me to bring it back. I brought the vehicle back only for him to put me in another vehicle at the same rate. He refused to change the rate and started to harass me at my work by threatening to send the cop for payment and continued to call my supervisor after he received the vehicle. I called corporate eight time over two week period. I had my attorneys call corporate and they never called back. The Manager kept sending letters to my job. PLEASE help me howard.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Honey Daniels TellsFeb 24, 2016

Disabled ssi recipient in trouble the florida court you wrote you wont help mentally ill, but i thiught i try. I understand your disgust ive headaches being involved in the criminal court since 2012 the prosecutor offers nothing public defender ask for competency hearing instead sever of charges while i on bond and pretrial and a bc college student in the paralegal program sending paperwork that's retarded and inconsistent in the mail hoping you help me after research a chance not to ruin my life 9545488141 beg for assistance not wasting anymore court time or adding to emotional stress, but four fair justice you know is not florida want to live again free from fear of being institutionalized i speak up unloyal lawyer who works against my best interest wants to say i am incompetent his refusal to defend and use motions suppression. Pleas evidence.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Evelyn Wade TellsFeb 12, 2016

my complaint is against my hoa(united community)i live in the a townhouse in the avalon community in miramar and after having a bad experience with my hoa on how they are handing roof repairs and assessments. i started doing some research online and reading the governing document i found out that our hoa took their responsibility for exterior repairs like painting and roof repairs which clearly states in our governing documents and placed the full responsibility on the owners without receiving 2/3 of the owners votes and without recording a amendment for this change with the county. after going through all the minutes and other notices, these assessments for painting and repairs was only mentioned in the monthly meeting and as along as everyone agrees to it then they send the assessment letter to the owner. our governing document for out community was recorded in 1996 and there has been only one amendment to the document. ph .

Customer service phone female
Ms. VivĂ­an Arce TellsJan 07, 2016

I would like someone to help me with an unjustly car lien against me. I had it parked in my brothers associations guest spot. The license plate was stolen and so my car was towed. I wasn't aware the car was towed until about three days later. By the time I found out and went in to talk to someone, I owed 400 dollars. By the time I received notification in the mail it had been three weeks already in impound. When I went back a second time to get My registration out of the vehicle glove compartment I found out the car was junked and they didn't know where or so they said plus they were not willing to give me an invoice or proof as to how they reached a figure of $1, 300 that I owed the tow company. I went to the dmv to surender the tag because I could not be held responsible for a car i did not have in my possession and did not know where it was. That's where I found out I could not register a new car until I paid for this lien.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Bettie Pierre TellsDec 15, 2015

Hello I have an issue with Coventry Townhomes Association in Lake Worth, Fl. I ID not live in the property an didn't pay the association fee; however, the association has continuously rented the unit and collected the rent. I got a partial mortgage forgiveness from the lender and then I contacted the association in reference to settle the issue; they refuse to submit proof of all rental monies collected. I had contacted a lawyer that was trying to resolve the matter amicably; however, he could not represent me for conflict of interest since his firm represent association instead of homeowners. I'd like to meet with you to fully explain the issue. Best regards.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Stacy-ann mcflarne TellsNov 09, 2015

I lived at cypress grove in fortuneteller for several months. My things was throw out by my apartment my manger's. I was late on my rent in October, due to working in another county doing a live in job.I went to pay my rent on November 5, one of manger in the apartment told me I no longer lived in the apartment complex, I asked why? They told me one of they worker returned my key!!! I said, how could that be possible, when I gave no one my keys, I still have the main keys. I called the police nothing was done!!! They told the police I had abandoned my apartment which wasn't fact, I knew I did live in on my job. I have nothing that I moved in with. They gave me no letter. They throw always a lot of valuable things for me and my sister. When I went there, the mail box and the door key was change. I have no clothed nothing. They took everything of mind!!!!! Please help me.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Markela Stephens TellsOct 06, 2015

I'm Markela and I was wondering if you could help me. I was fired from my job while in the hospital with son in icu. I took him Monday 21 he was released 22 with antibiotics. I spoke to them to return Thurs I was scheduled off she say she'll call if I'm needed. Thursday night I take him back to the er where he's admitted and remained until the 29. Calls job getting no answer. Gets a call from one of my employee's stating that I've been taking off the schedule and I'm fired. Wed I go to pick up my check 30 I take my shirt to avoid complications of getting my check if I'm fired. Ask the front desk I get no response. Call the supervisor no answer. Gets home call from a different number answers I ask her what's going on am I fired she asks did I talk to front desk I say yes they didn't say anything. She states she had to take me off schedule all she knew was my baby was sick. There policy is any time taken or requested off is a write up I never had one since I've been working there.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Yamilys Alba TellsJul 31, 2015

My fiance and i live on a sailboat in Miami beach fl and do not have much to live with we have a 16 month child child that's starting to walk. Officer Marc Inglis has been harassing us gor years threatning my diance he is going to deport him back to cuba and terrified me today he came to arrest my fiance on charges that are false and pulled out guns at us while my son was asleep inside and i came out with my hands up screaming please do not shoot i only had a shirt in one hand and sandals for my fiance before they took him and they laughed at me this has been goibg on for years constant harassment and manipulation twisting laws how he wants i need help please.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Deidra Holmes TellsApr 30, 2015

Hello, I am a resident of the city of opalocka. I received a citation stating that I have to pay $100. 00 fine for using another trash company instead of using the city trash collector. I called and spoke to Ms. Wilcox who states she received a list from universal waste and that's why I got the fine. After explaining to her that I reside in a single family home and I have no control over who collects the trash. She transferred me to her supervisor, Mr. Dave. He then ask me my address and told me the citation will be voided. Today when I got home, I have a warning in my mailbox stating I have 21 days to paint my house or be fined. Can the city make me paint my house if I'm not in a hoa community?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Diolbel Benitez TellsDec 13, 2014

Please helpI send my horse trailer to get repair at Bullseye powder coated. They gave me an estimate of 1500 to 180, I paid the whole amount. When the trailer was almost they announce to me that I owed an additional 1800. I spoke with the person that had help me all along and I rooks them that that was never what we agreed to in the estimated contract. He lower the price from 1800 to 800 then to 300 dollars with an agreement he will use my trailer to advertise he's company Atand Davie rodeo and we would meet up with me to collect the trailer and collect the money. I received a phone call from he's brother two days ago on 12/11 asking me if I wanted to sell the trailer, that hee had a buyer for 3000 dollars. I told him I didn't want to sell the trailer, the called dropped. A few minutes later he called me back telling when I was going to settle then I told him the agreement I had with his brother, he said he ess the CEO and he didn't agree with that. They wont give the trailer.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Victor Chavez TellsDec 05, 2014

I guess you do not deal with landlord/tenant situations,, but there's a whole building full of tenants being forced to move out during the holidays to make room for a hotel. Our notice to vacate was posted outside our doors two days before thanksgiving (is not it nice?) to vacate December 30th by noon, even if we had time left on our lease or paid in time all these years. New owner just wants to make more $$$ yesterday. Perfect SCROOGE CHRISTMAS STORY for local workers of SOBE, we are a few tenants left and gelato store (where the jersey shore crew worked in sobe) Collins and 11. We just want our leases to be honored so we do not have to move during this time :( help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lisa Corvera TellsNov 30, 2014

Kay jewelers has a huge sign at every entrance to their store in coral springs stating receive today redeem today in capital letters Santa certificate for every $300 spent you are supposed to receive $100. Since it stated receive today redeem today and only stated see certificate certificate stated redeemable 29th of November 28-30th and I was there November making $800 purchase on 29th of November, I expected it to be taken off purchase price. They stated on your next purchase, but that is not what sign says they are totally misleading the public sign states receive today redeem today no place not on sign or certificate does it state future purchase I want $200 off my purchase when they did not take $200 off I returned it please help I want what is advertised I want to purchase, but expect $200 off advertised. Or lets start a class action suit.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Daisy TellsNov 27, 2014

Mr. Howard
My name is Daisy Infante
I will like to know if you can help me on this?
I worked for University Of Florida Hialeah Dental Clinic since 1997 through 2013. As Office Assistant/Front Desk. On a Friday afternoon before going home, they call me to the office and handle me a layoff papers letting me know that my position was terminated, I found out that they had giving my position to two different people that they hired after I left, I think that is not right from them to giving me layoff after 17 years in the UF. Like I said my position was not terminated or nothing like that they got someone else for the position, also I not getting any package or no money at all from them, I had 1, 500. Hour sick time accumulated and the not pay me for that either. Please see if you can help me on this. Thank You Very Much.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annie Smith TellsNov 12, 2014

Continue. I then contacted the executive office about this matter they gave me a hard time as well about waiving the bill and eventually began to offer credit the bill and still tried to make me pay a portion of the bill saying what was offered was not offered within Verizon and as for the gift card offer and free tablet I was to take that up with the department I originally set up service with. While trying to get answers about my tablet and visa gifts card I was told several times I was still going to receive them and month i received $400 of the offer that was given and I still have not received my free tablet and I am owed $600 visa gift card I am In tears tired and frustrated and have exhausted all measures I signed up for service because I needed it and because of the two promotions that was offered I feel like I was taken advantage of swindled and cheated I have reached out to try to resolve this issue, but I am placed on hold and directed to different departments.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annie Smith TellsNov 12, 2014

Continue. Once I spoke with this particular rep again I requested for a supervisor she placed me on hold and then came back to the phone and said her supervisor was aware of the problem and as she continued to placed orders each one was rejected eventually she told me she would just have to placed the orders for the fours phones her supervisor will be honoring the $200 dollar per line of service that I opened and that I was put on a list for the free tablet and the additional $200, for the line of service for the tablet. On October 8-9 I called in to check on an update about my tablet I spoke with a representative that offered to have the first month of service waived because of the inconvenience and sent a note to Verizon. Once I set up service with Verizon a representative saw the notes told me it would be waived when my bill print once the bill printed Verizon did not want to have anything to do with waiving the bill after speaking with several reps and supervisor I then contacted.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annie Smith TellsNov 12, 2014

I recently opened up an account for Verizon wireless through their xfinity /Verizon partnership upon calling to set up service I was told about two ongoing promotions one that offered a $200 visa gift card per line and a free ellipsis tablet. I was eligible for both I purchased three smart phones and was given them ellipsis tablet for free to count as a line of service I called back on Oct. six and switch one of the phones to a different model and added another phone totaling to five lines the representative told she would have to make the order again and when she did the system rejected my order due to a glitch in their system the tablet was now charging $49. 99 when it was supposed to be free of charge the representative then told me that tablet offer was extended to October 15. 14 meaning it should have had no price over a day or two I was on the phone trying to have my order places because it kept being rejected the representative then placed me on hold to get in contact verizon.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Natalie TellsNov 01, 2014

I just got a new 2013 Hyundai Tuscon which has a 20 year warranty. The shift gears got stuck and stopped working while i was driving. I called the Hyundai service department and the have me the number to a towing company that works with them to come pick up my car. When the tower from a441towing arrived he looked into my car and said it just needed a shift release. Took out a small silver tool to release it and said that the piece was broken and needed to be fixed. Left the piece he removed in my car and said Hyundai would replace it with a new piece. I called Hyundai and told them what the tower did and they said since he touched the car, i no longer have warranty. I said how is this possible they send me the tower. I didn't ask the tower to remove the piece they should be responsible for this not me. The next day Hyundai called the towing company and they said that they didn't remove any piece that the car was already like that. They basically lied to cover themselves help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ebony Williams TellsOct 27, 2014

(continued). To be let go with a promise to appear in court this has been going on for two months now he was told he would have to show up to court every thursday until the homestead employee comes to court he was kicked out of homestead job corps while he was in jail he was treated like a bad person the center did not do a full investigation on what happen between the two nor did the center question any on lookers as to what they saw happen on the day of the arrest i looked up the student hand book of homestead job corps which stated that until the student is found guilty of a charge on center he would be subject to being kicked out of the program in my brothers case they never investigated anything i was highly upset due to the fact that the program knew my brother was mentality disabled and always state that they worked hand and hand with people with disabilities and in this case has failed my brother is still going to court for something he didn't do and the person never shows up.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ebony TellsOct 27, 2014

Hello I am ebony from miami florida around this time last year i helped my younger brother get admitted to homestead job corps center he was scheduled to graduate in the months of November or December of this year just this past month he had gotten into an argument with an employee of homestead job corps about a tobacco product she had snatched out of his hand while he was in line at the centers cafeteria when he asked for it back she reply that she would not return the item which angers my brother who is also a student with mental disabilities in which the center was well aware of once the argument carried on the employee threaten to call the police in which she did she went on to have police arrest my brother and had him charged with battery on a school employee in which he did not do they held him with a 1500 bond on simply hear say for nine days my dad called the court and asked that he be let go do to him not having any record of any crimes in the state of florida they granted him(pg1.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nilda Sterrett TellsOct 19, 2014

My townhouse in pembroke pines has been lien in $32m, the broward coounty inspector carlos bertot claimed that the house has beem rented, since 2005
I have been living here with my daughter carol carvantes a single mother that was unemployed and my granddaughter. Now they moves to clermont, and i rented the townhouse since may 2014, with a realtor the association knows that this house never has been rented until now.
In November i have to go in front of the value adjustment board evidence
I have been giving them all the information and evidences that they need,
I am a 76 years old lady and i need your help. I am living in my studio in century village this studio never had a homestead exemption.
My phone number home cell .
12800 sw 7th. Ct. Apt. G112
Century village pembroke pines fl. 33027'
Help me howard please
Thank you
Nilda sterrett
Petition #2014-16760
Folio # 513915-08-1090
20874 nw 3rd. Ct.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Martha TellsOct 03, 2014

Due to the corruption in the state of new jersey, and now its time that this story needs to be heard especially for her children. May be the state of florida court system could help her in this situation. What choice do you have when a bias judge just does not like you and grants whatever her ex husband wants he gets and attorney's are not willing to go against a judge and to lose everything and ruined your life and the life of her children. New jersey judge forced a mother out of the state left her homeless, penniless, and without her children ages nine and amp; amp 10. Were is the justice in this, she is a good mother never had any crime her only crime is loving her children. Her story needs to be heard and amp told. I hope that someone can see her and she will tell you her whole story. Please help her.
Thank you so much
If you need to send me an email ID is Com
Once again thank for your help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tabitha Mantilla TellsOct 02, 2014

I have contacted help me howard for two years leaving messages and no response on my case were the 11 judicial courts are violating my autistic son ajd severely depress son on their father not paying child support when he clearly has money with evidence brought upon court lie to social security and the judges all tell me to shut up when i am my children voice while i am homeless and their dad just spent 20,000 on a wedding and took away my childrens ssi cause their dad had another child were i have to pay back the overpayment. How i did not have another child were his wife now committing food stamp fraud when i have proof and he is working while collecting disability benefits. And no one is helping our boys. Were is the justice. Someone please direct me to seek justice for these two disable children. My number is 3053033503.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sarah Mortimer TellsSep 30, 2014

On Tuesday September nine police on my door i was home with my 15 and 16 year old i do not have a peep hole on my door so i went to the bar windows trying to open had to remove the stick to see what was going on they had guns pointing no put it down open the door i said ok because we were a scared, they search the house a couple days later i tried going and calling the police station to get a paper saying they were there and what they came there in search of each time i tried they denied it and say they have no record of any police being there they went to neighbors house to, nobody got badge numbers or names of the office we were rush and scared in our homes what can we do to find peace my two sons with and myself we do not sleep well at nights they up all night since this happened. We do not know who derrick is or was did the police find him living in fear of our lives.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sherry Shock TellsSep 20, 2014

I lived with a man for eight years we bought a house together three years ago. Now there is domestic issues after he began a very heavy drink and abusive mental and physical. I have file in court a restrainer order and it was intended until December four 2014after that he has the right to return. He said that this is over and i agree.
Since he is no longer at the house he has sold the lawn business that we started and empty a shed out and sold leaving all the items in the yard. We had a wooded fence put up on the property and agreed to pay half the cost and he has not paid anything also i sold my car to him and he owns me $300. 00 and states he owns me nothing. It is over between the two of us and i am afraid he my hurt or kill me. I would like some one to give me some kind of advice. I have no money and no family please i pray someone can help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tianeka Grimes TellsSep 16, 2014

Dear help me howard. My name is tianeka grimes and i have a serious problem. My light bill with fpl was (put the amount that us bill is went to try to get help at a places that help with your final notice. When i got there i was told that my light bill was too much money and they could not further assist me. Once the lady showed me the bill statement in the computer is stated that my current light bill is ( put the 5,5179 amount ). I explained to her that my bill doesn't suppose to be that amount. We then got fpl on the phone and a representative stated that someone paid the whole balance for me and not to worry about it. I explained to them i do not know how that happened because the program that assist with the fpl stated they couldn't assist me because of my bill being to high. The fpl rep then stated that we will it show in the system that a check was made in the amount of 5,5179 amount in here. I ask them can they please tell me when it was posted any by who and what's the check number.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Daisy Escobar TellsSep 09, 2014

We are in need of help me howard. Due to mold,electrical problems,roach infestation and water pipe issues and roof cracks. There are children in this apartment building as of myself three disable children due to respiratory problems. Landlord denies fixing and harasses us everytime we ask him to fix the issues. I tried calling inspectors, police, but till this point no help and no show. We urgently need help due to his threats of evicting us. At a time i told the landlord that we were going to move. And he denies giving the tenants their deposit back and unplugs air condition relay till rent is paid in full. So in the mean time we are suffering from this heat. I urgently asking for help. Thank you and god bless.

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