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+, +1.8772064254 is the Contact Phone Number of My Perfect Resume. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described My Perfect Resume with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of My Perfect Resume. Post issue for any problem with My Perfect Resume. if you find My Perfect Resume customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of My Perfect Resume.

A Resume is also known as the Curriculum Vitae (CV) many countries but it is not as same as CV. It is considered as shorter in many countries including United States, Canada and Australia. A Resume tells about the personal and professional detail of the person. It is a difficult task to write the perfect resume oneself so to overcome this situation, the online tool “ My Perfect Resume “ has been discovered. My Perfect Resume is an online tool used to create the resume. It has 3 basic steps- Choose the resume design, Insert the details, Download and Print the resume. The trusted Partners of My Perfect Resume are, get all jobs,, On Target jobs, etc

Customer Care Support of My Perfect Resume

With the dedication to provide positive results, the enterprise is providing clear cut information to resolve queries of it's expensive assets. The customers are flourished with phenomenal support and recommended to make an immediate connection through the below mentioned numbers:
  • Official Contact Number for Customer Care Service
    Phone Number: Call +
  • Additional Contact Number for Assistance
    Phone Number: Call +1.8772064254
  • Timing: Mon-Fri 9 am - 6:30 pm / Sat-Sun 12 pm - 3 pm
  • Email Address: Visit

To build career foundation, the proceedings starts with My Perfect Resume. The organization is playing an extensive role by helping professionals to get prefect place in world revolutionary undertakings. My Perfect Resume is nursheing skills and experience of respective customers in a precise manner.

Facilities Provided By My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is an online institution, committed to deliver best results for customers by creating strong, precise resumes at an existing cost. My Perfect Resume is an online resume builder, enables customers to submit essential information and qualification and gradually flourished with perfect resumes. My Perfect Resume is devoted to creates a perfect space for customers to work in bigger industries.

My Perfect Resume Address Detail

My Perfect Resume address is One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 306, San Francisco CA 94102, United States.

My Perfect Resume Official Email Address

My Perfect Resume email address is .

My Perfect Resume Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of My Perfect Resume is +, +1.8772064254 (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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My Perfect Resume Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Niurka Pedroso TellsAug 22, 2016

Han tomado de mi tarjeta master 1974 24. 99 sin mi permiso.como se atreven a timar de esa manera. Quiero un reembolso.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jennifer Smith TellsJun 16, 2016

I want my money back $54. 04 and $29. 80 taken from my Visa. 2541. I only wanted one resume who the hell needs to have a resume every month what a rip off not even an email to say you were taking money and it has now interfered with my regular payments and I am not happy as for your toll free number what a joke you can not even get on it and I doubt very much it is free when ringing from Australia. CANCEL that order and give me my money back ASAP.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jose TellsJun 10, 2016

Your company just took money from my account without my authorization, i want my £23. 80 back in my account How dare you take money from people accounts without permission?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Saerom rom Kim TellsJun 06, 2016

You have sneaky taken $35. 80 from my account using my detail without my consent. I didn't authorize to be chargeed for anything. This is illegal and I want to refund it. Stop billing again and delete my profile.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Amber-lee De Silva TellsMay 28, 2016

I signed up to make a reseme and paid the $1. 99 was aware I would be charged a larger fee if I did not cancel after the 14day trial. I immediately canceled after using this service once and I have now been charged $54NZD. I want my money refunded and it be made sure I am not charged again for this service.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mohamad Alwan TellsMay 20, 2016

HI, my account was deducted usd35. 80 on 20th may 2016. stated product purchase on 18/5/2016 (8 55 18may). i never buy any product. appreciate if you could arrange to refund the money. thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Anthony Beswick TellsMay 18, 2016

Can you please stop my cv do not take any more money out of my bank account again I do not know you are looking for it was one of payment so do not take any more money out of my bank again please contact me on this number 07734172079.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marsha Brown TellsMay 06, 2016

The resmes look great. I spent a few hors perfecting one, paid, then started reading the reviews. How dare yo rip people off and then have the nerve to have a bogs e-mail address and phone nmber And I know how to type, yet this looks like I am making a lot of typos here. Well, I'm not stpid I cancelled the credit card so this is ONE person yo're not gonna get more than the agreed amont from Yo shold be ashamed of yorselves We work hard for or money, yet yo offer this service and then steal money from people's acconts? PLS yor pathetic message box misses letters so it appears that we can not type or spell Yo are LOW DOWN SCM Get a real jobHow the hell are yo still in bsiness? I texted two co-workers to se yor service, then after reading abot how crooked yo are, I qickly told them to lose yor web site.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Joanne Gilchrist TellsApr 28, 2016

This company went into my account and remove money without my permission. I would like my money put in account and stop taking money out of my account so give me $211. 22.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Mary Jean Smith TellsApr 13, 2016

I asked for advice on resume back in Oct. I did not intend to continue with you. My daughter passed away in Nov. And I forgot to cancel with you and now I'm getting billed monthly. Can you cancel this?
Phone is .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Girish Prabhu TellsApr 04, 2016

I had taken your service only for the trial period, but after that you have deducted 35 and 80 USD from my account for no reason, return the same by cheque or i will have to file a legal or federal case against your firm.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Todd Marshall TellsApr 01, 2016

My name is Dr. Todd Alden Marshall and you charged my Discover Card 35. 80 for no reason. I DID NOT want to use your service. Why did you do this out of the blue? Please do not do this again. I will call my credit card and have the fees disputed and removed. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Monique Guy TellsMar 21, 2016

Good morning, I paid to make my resume and two weeks later you charged me again, but 35usd this time can you please reverse this transaction and unsubscribe me from your listing. Please inform customers upfront of your continuous charges if they choose to create a resume.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Robert Smillie TellsMar 19, 2016

I do not wish to use your service anymore. I thought It was a one off service I was paying for and now I have been billed seven times for your service. Delete me from your customer file list and return the amounts debited from my account and do not bill me again.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cherub TellsMar 12, 2016

You have taken a total of $53 out of my bank account without my consent. I want my money back and stop billing me. Stop taking more payments and cancel my "membership".

Customer service phone female
Ms. Joanne Gilchrist TellsMar 09, 2016

You have taken a total of $110. 47 out of my account without my consent. I want my money back and stop billing me. So cancelled the money going out of my account.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sonja Dickey TellsMar 05, 2016

You have taken a total of $73. 02 out of my account without my consent. That is fraud I have never used your services before. These deductions occurred on Feb three, 2016 in the amount of 35. 80 ; 0. 71
And on Mar two 2016 in the amount of 35. 80; 0. 71 This was taken out of my US Bank account
You need to send me a check for the full amount or I will follow through with legal action. Sonja Dickey
4996 Elkhead Road
Yoncalla, OR 97499.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jamie Jacques TellsMar 03, 2016

You guys have been charging me $35. 80 a month. I want my money back and stop billing me. I cancelled this before the 14days. So I need to get a call back or I'm going to take this further and take it to my lawyer if I do not get refunded all of my money.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kelsey TellsFeb 29, 2016

I did not authorize to be charged every month for this service. I am requesting that it stops being charged to my account otherwise I will be seeking legal action as I only agreed to a one time payment. STOP CHARGING ME FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT GIVE AUTHORIZATION FOR.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Suzanne Kibblewhite TellsFeb 16, 2016

Good morning,
my daughter used your site and we were charged the Fee of $3. ten and another Fee of $1. 59. We cancelled the subscription as soon as we had finished to ensure we were not charged any other Fees. How ever I go into my account today to find I have been charged $56. 89. I am furious to say the least at this, We followed all of your sites instructions. I have now just made two very lengthy toll calls to america to get a refund and have found I have to wait 2-3 working days to get a reply as to how you will or If you will refund my money. The email address that was used was ashalee. My personal email address is Co. Nz and my contact number is 0279370030 with the New Zealand codes. Could you please contact me urgently in regards to this and help with the refunding of my money. Thank you

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lillian Ingram TellsFeb 15, 2016

Hi, I've just went into my bank account and notice that your company has taken out £23. 80 out of my account, I didn't get warning to cancel at the end of my free month. Can you please take me off your system. And put my money back into my account. Miss Ingram.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tyla TellsFeb 11, 2016

Without my permission and without me knowing use have taken money from my account without permission i WEANT IT BACK as you have no right
$55. 92 is what your so called company owns me do the right thing.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steve Reynolds TellsJan 08, 2016

This was suppose to be a free resume. My account was charged 1. 00 and then 1. 95 and then four times 35. 80. The customer service says its a non working . THIS IS A HUGE SCAM. Want my money back didn't purchase anything.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sandra Thomson TellsDec 10, 2015

I have unsubscribed and continue to receive your emails. I was also charged twice for a service that was suppose to be $2. 39. What do you need a photo for to register a complaint. I will be calling my credit card company.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Cj TellsDec 06, 2015

The trial is free for a certain time period, the client must proactively cancel services and keep proof, if they charge you again call your bank to dispute. If you do not proactively cancel, you are liable. Please read the merchants terms and conditions before providing your card information.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jillian Bridges TellsNov 30, 2015

Hi, I was charged today (a withdrawal from my account literally today) for $35. 80. I have not bought Anything from you guys, and I definitely would not buy nor have bought (ever) anything for roughly $36. So, I need to know what I was charged for, why, and when it will be taken off because I have bills to pay. I have bought one template from you guys for somewhere around two dollars and I didn't even use the same credit card that this one was charged to, I do not think. So, this looks very suspicious. An Angry 24-year old who can not afford it.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steve Ututaonga TellsNov 10, 2015

It is quite apparent from viewing previous users comments that they have been duped and deceived into using your website. I myself have also been duped by your MISLEADING information of your website "Resume Builder : Free Resume Builder : MyPerfectResume" Your "free 14 day service" for US$1. 00 to which you have deducted, but you have also deducted another US$35. 80 without my permission unless you have in fine print somewhere that I inadvertently agreed to do My first suggestion to this company is to REMOVE THE WORD "FREE" from your advertisement unless it is your PURPOSEFUL INTENT to provide a FREE service? Secondly, I officially notify you via this website service you provide that I DO NOT AUTHORISE YOU (My Perfect Resume. COM)TO DEDUCT ANY MORE MONIES FROM THE CREDIT CARD DETAILS SUPPLIED TO YOU AND FURTHER REQUEST A FULL REFUND OF THE US$35. 80 DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT Lc*Myperfresume GBR - Steve Ututaonga .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Vijitha TellsOct 23, 2015

I have just used this service once and paid for a print out of my cv template. You have charged me £23. 80 at a later date. I do not understand why. This is just not right you can not charge me for something that I did not use or requested. Please refund the money back into my account. Stop charging me further. Ian not happy about this service and the system.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Michelle Cosgrove TellsOct 22, 2015

Used this service only to be disappointed, not at all what i expected. Much better services out there. I better not be receiving any extra charges against my account or I will be placing a call to my attorney. I would like my account closed since it seems nearly impossible to get anyone on the telephone. Michelle Cosgrove .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marie Mccurley TellsOct 19, 2015

Agreed price was less than $2. 00. Credit card was charged $35. 80. I DEMAND a refund immediately and want my account cancelled. I am taking this up with my local bank and police department. DO NOT charge my credit card again and I want confirmation that my account has been cancelled.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Menka Dabhi TellsOct 12, 2015

Hi I am very upset by this system to without any notice or permission how you debited money from my credit card. I do not need your resume tamplet any more. First it's free than all work we do than its charge 2. 95 $. For 14days access than after much money debited in my credit card once you receive that credit card number you debited without my permission. How come do that please stop. Give refunds my all money. This is much same full to you. This way take money not fare your company' or site. Give me call. 61420600018.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lineti Latu TellsOct 05, 2015

Greetings, I purchased a C. V through this site and it only cost me $3. 00 on my credit card and i checked last week and $50 had been taken out from my account(Visa Debit Card), but there was no purchase or anything. I would like to have that $50 returned and cancel any contacts to my card to this company and cancel any account made urgently. Can not afford any of this and not pleased at all. Please cancel this account immediately as i was not well informed with any other fee.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Bonnie TellsSep 25, 2015

I actually just used this service, but it's not for me. I did however pay the 2. 95$, but called and spoke to a woman named Tony who cancelled my subscription right away, and promised no other charges to my account. I stayed on the phone to get a confirmation number as she had already sent it to my email. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sheila Langridge TellsAug 15, 2015

I wish to cancel my subscription with immediate effect. The monthly fees involved were not made clear to me and are not warranted. I cannot afford to continue paying this. I have been working on a casual basis for some months and will continue doing so for the time being. I, unfortunately, did not find this very helpful and very expensive. What is required to cancel this now?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Deborah Coe TellsJun 30, 2015

I signed up for a$5. Trial period of a month, I had problems with the program, then couldn't get into the cancelling of it because kept warning me of people trying to snipe my account info, never could get into the cover letter part of program, the first of the following month 38$ was taken from my account from this b. S. Program and i still can not get anyone to cancel this, I'm turning them into scam to Microsoft, Facebook, and any other affiliate I can unless this program is resolved and I get at least half my money back, end of story.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Mrs.fedup TellsMay 09, 2015

This site seems to be nothing short of a scam. I thought the charge of nearly 50 dollars after the conversation rate from American to Canadian dollars was simply a mishap or an accidental charge. But after reading that they purposely lure you in with a free trial for only a couple of dollars and then continuously charge your account although stating it would be a one time payment is completely degrading. It seems that with the amount of people complaining with the same situation, their intention is to charge your account. Already left a complaint with customer service, seriously demand my money is refunded and i hope they cooperate 100% and can change my current opinion on their company.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Leo Vlegels TellsMar 10, 2015

I used in November your perfect-resume builder service. Due to malfunction of the program I had to log in twice and to use my credit card twice. I paid for the service one dollar something if I remember well. After three months I find out;1) that I paid in November 2x 1USD, 2x 1, 95USD and 1x 1, 92USD, I do not remember to use my credit card s many times. 2) But more astonishing is the fact that I just find out that since December subtracts every month 2x 39. 80USD from my credit card account. I never gave my perfect resume permission to do this. 3) How can I stop this as soon as possible. And how can I get my money backHoping on a soon reply.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Obeda TellsMar 03, 2015

Absolutely bull crap, false advertising I must say, stating we only pay this amount then find out later almost 50 dollars is taken out of my account, would really appreciate my money back thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Sudheep TellsFeb 18, 2015

Two weeks ago i built my resume using this website. It was an awesome experience as I could build it the way I needed it. Thank you very much for that. Now its totally disappointing to say that you have deducted Rs. 2222 from my account. I haven't subscribed to your website nor requested for any additional service. I request you to reverse these charges. RegardsSudheep.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Andrea Lehrer TellsFeb 13, 2015

I do not appreciate that I was not informed from the start that the program had a cost. I do not appreciate that I cannot format my downloaded ewaumw. I want my money back and I definitely want to cancel my subscription.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kerrie Scott TellsFeb 04, 2015

I built my perfect resume in one day and was charged the small amount for it. However, since then I have amounts over $50 taken out of my bank account, the most recent deductions was taken and has overdrawn my account in which I do not have money in there to cover and I have not authorised anyone to take these deductions. I would like all deductions returned back into my account and the overdrawn fee paid also. As soon as possible, if these amounts are not back in my account by tomorrow I will be getting legal advice.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Alan Johnson TellsFeb 02, 2015

I have already purchased a subscription for a 14 day trial and could not download my resume for a dream job with Fedex. That is the reason i cancelled the subscription shortly afterwards. I was under the understanding that i could, i did not wanted that to pay for a monthly subscription right away?I made a resume at genius and applied for a different job and have all the tools i needed to apply for the job for the same price for a two week trail period. What can you do for me? I really like the resume i made with your company and would like to know if you can do the same for me with a guarantee that i will not get any additional charges please. Is there a toll free

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kayla Loshaw TellsJan 31, 2015

I was charged almost fifty dollars to my credit card and I never agreed to pay that amount. I never signed up for a membership of that amount and I want a refund for my account and I want it disabled and I will never be using your services again.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maqbool Raja TellsJan 30, 2015

Dear My Perfect Rersume: Re: Account ID 86510876 My account mentioned above and attached to e-mail should be cancelled today.Please send me the confirmation that you have cancelled it. Thanks Maqbool Raja

Customer service phone female
Ms. Courtney Stein TellsJan 23, 2015

Hi there I have been trying to get a hold of you guys in regards to canceling my membership so I don't get charged. I don't have that money at the moment. Please contact me asap. Thank you for your time.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Dion TellsJan 14, 2015

Stop skimming my fucking credit card I want my money back. I payed for a 15 dollar trial and you charged me 126 dollars without my consent I want my money back now

Customer service phone male
Mr. Sylvie Trudel TellsJan 07, 2015

My card was charged BY YOU GUYS this month and we have not done any resumes on your website. I received no service from you therefore I want to get refunded and DO NOT EVEN TRY TO TAKE MORE MONEY!!!!!

Customer service phone female
Ms. Veda Taliferro TellsJan 03, 2015

I have tried several times to contact customer service to cancel, but I cant seem to get through. I tried so many time before my free time was up and I did not get in touch with anyone and still have not. I think this is a terrible way to beat people out of there money. You tell them to cancel before they are charged the $39. 00, but when you try to you cant get in touch with anyone. The BBB needs to hear from all the complaints listed. I do not advise anyone to believe this false advertisement that they say.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Paul TellsJan 01, 2015

I am an Attorney in California my daughter card been charge multiple times over this scamcan you guys please cancel this account email: i have to drive the office.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Brittany Smith TellsDec 23, 2014

Your phone says your closed, your not closed. It is 10:32 and you do not close til 12, if you do not call me to cancel my charge i will sue you for not giving a proper canceling fee phone number And i'll also sue for fraud charges.

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