is the Contact Phone Number of Snapchat. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Snapchat with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Snapchat. Post issue for any problem with Snapchat. if you find Snapchat customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Snapchat.

Snapchat is a social network made by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. The application was launched in the year of 2011 on September. As per the report of the year of 2014 it is estimated that 700 million photos and videos are sending in every day. On the application the users are allowed to take photos, record videos, add text, drawings. The photos, videos, text drawings can send to the other users of the application. These users are called recipients and the sending material is called Snaps. Users can set the time limit from One to Ten seconds and the recipients can see that sending material only to that fixed time. After the completion of the fixed time the received material automatically deletes from the recipient's device.

Features Of The Snapchat

The network has many features like My Story that permits to take personal Video montages that can be send to their selected recipients and that can be seed at wanted times in 24 hours of a day. The Network has new messaging features that allows to send and save the text messages. The Snapchat has another feature of Here that is a Blue Bubble appears at any time on the Chat Window that informs about the video chat invitation given by the other friend. The Our Story feature of the network allows the user to send the events of music festivals, sports games, art shows, and international holiday celebrations, etc. The Network launches the money transfering app called Snapcash. The Best Friend feature of Network taht permits the emoji Icons like gold heart, a grimace face or gritting teeth, a smiley face, a sunglasses emoji, a smirking face and a fiery flame, etc.

Social Media Networking Links Of Snapchat

Twitter Link Of Snapchat Is
Facebook Link Of Snapchat Is
Linked Link Of Snapchat Is

Snapchat Address Detail

Snapchat address is United States Of America..

Snapchat Official Email Address

Snapchat email address is .

Snapchat Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Snapchat is (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Snapchat Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone male
Mr. Grayson TellsNov 25, 2016

Can you please unlock my Snapchat account it's graysoncole12.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Manavi TellsNov 22, 2016

Hi Team,

Its really disappointing to know that i have been writing mails to support team and they are least bothered to even reply. I have been using this account: mann_muthamma and suddenly my phone broke and when i installed the app in my new phone with a new username, but i wanted to retrive my old account back, but i have forgotten my password when i tried to reset the password it says both my registered number and mail ID is wrong. )i am sure i have not registered the app in different number because i have only one number and only one registered mail account). Please take this as a final request and help me retrive my account with the username:mann_muthamma.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Emanuel TellsNov 22, 2016

Hello Snapchat my name is Emanuel and my account has been temporary blocked and i know i have been downloading a third party app, but i have deleted them and and i tried unlocking my account, but it has not been working. Could you guys please help me. Thanks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lily Perrine TellsNov 19, 2016

Today I received a message saying my account would be locked for 24 hours due to usage of a third party app. I have not been using a third party app, but I have been logging in and out on multiple devices, therefore suspicious activity may have been expected. I would please like my account unlocked, so I can keep my snapstreaks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Shada TellsNov 18, 2016

Hi, as a parent and a snap chat user, I am finding the content on discover becoming increasingly inappropriate. The stories are full of adult / sexual content which is forced upon every user. There needs to be a filter option available where you can select the type of content you want to see and to block inappropriate content. Especially for children using the app. Please advise if there is anything in place so that this content can be blocked to make it child friendly.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Gururaj Iyer TellsNov 16, 2016

Dear Snapchat,
My account has been locked for no apparent reason and I have been trying to email customer care. I have a couple of hours before I lose my streaks. I urge, beg and plead for team Snapchat to unlock my account on time and I'd appreciate it for lifetime if you could

Hopeful regards,
A concerned and worried sc user :).

Customer service phone female
Ms. Faith TellsNov 12, 2016

Hi Snapchat. My account was locked today and when I tried to unlock it, it wouldn't unlock. I have realized the reason is because a third party app was being used unintentionally. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please please please unlock my account, I have many messages and important photos that I need immediately. Please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you so much.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Colm Randles TellsNov 12, 2016

My younger brother got on my phone and put in his date of birth and now it says my account is permanently locked so I can not go on any more. (Name):colm_2005
I would like it to be unlocked as soon as possible to keep up my streaks. Thanks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ramona Persell TellsNov 11, 2016

I have been locked out of my Snapchat account for at least two days. I removed the third party (Casper) which is much easier to use with my android phone. I have also tried everything that I was told to do to unlock it. My username name is figment_joe please help me or unlock my account please. Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Hussein Qerat TellsNov 11, 2016

Hey, my Snapchat account in locked, I've delete a third party program and I would like to unlocked my account I really need it this time, so kindly unlock it and I promise that I will never use any other third party programs. My account is, qerat055
regards,, .

Customer service phone female
Ms. TellsNov 07, 2016

Hello, my issue with Snapchat is that whenever I try to adjust my birth date on the settings, it says something about being a "time traveler". I was wondering if you could help me become able to change my birth date settings back to normal without the time traveler air message. Thank you for your time.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Vishwa TellsNov 06, 2016

I clicked many photos in Snapchat and i would like to say you that pics was amagize filteration and i saved that photos in memories than snap loaded so that i uninstalled it and now i installed Snapchat, but that photos are missed. I want to come back that all pics which i saved
I hope you rply me with my best solution
I wanted to restore out that photos.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sarah Tennessen TellsNov 03, 2016

I can no longer log into my Snapchat account my username is ChiBaby306 my number is no longer the same it was 8152616494, but now it's not. I can not log in because the app is sending that number a log in verification code and unfortunately I can not receive it. Can you PLEASE help me. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Enitra TellsNov 02, 2016

My Snapchat want let me log in on my phone, but it will let me login on other people's phones. I just do not know what to do I have deleted the app and re download it restarted my phone and everything it just not working and I do not know what to do.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kiley Corbit TellsOct 29, 2016

Well first of all, I called the number, and I asked if this was the Snapchat technical support line, and the answerer said no and rudly hung up on me My friend added me in Snapchat, and I added him, but my phone says that he never added me back when he did. My username is todayimkiley his username is butler04son.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Victor Morina TellsOct 27, 2016

Hello, I have been locked from my Snapchat account and I beg for you to unlock me from my Snapchat account as I have important information on it witch needs to be opened today, I have also deleted any Third-party apps to do with Snapchat, and I have a 139 snap streak also, I am begging you please please please unlock me from my anapchat account, I'm sorry for having them apps, please unlock me please. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marlene TellsOct 26, 2016

Help me pleasee

Please remove my file. I downloaded the app- my husband got beyond mad. I unistall app, but he can still see me. This is leading to a divorce- please remove my profile
My email
My password i think it was aventura1
Please remove me- i cant lose my marragi because of this.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Joe Harley TellsOct 23, 2016

Hello, I love Snapchat, I use it everyday. I had many streaks on it and one in particular was quite big and I needed it. My username is harleyno. one and I had a 194 day streak with georgousmel
We snappchated throught that day. But we woke up in the morning to see it has disappeared. This is terrible news and I need it back immediately, because I am getting threats and I am getting mentally hurt by the other person in the snapstreak. Please please bring it back I need it
-harleyno. one 194 day streak to georgousmel restored please
Contact me on either email or call
joe. Con.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Andy TellsOct 19, 2016

Please unlock my Snapchat I do not know I know I was using a third party thing please open my Snapchat very important things there and look at my face back please please send me my password they can unlock it for you please and please and a very important step to be there and I really need my Snapchat now please.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Julia TellsOct 13, 2016

Good morning I was able to be logged into my account on two devices at once. Now it won't allow me to be. It keeps logging me out on the other device. I really liked being able to be logged on at the same time with two devices. Please help me I really would like to be able to do this again. Thank you Julia.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Heather TellsOct 11, 2016

I got a new phone and I'm trying to login to my snap chat and it's saying my login information is incorrect. And when I go to reset it, it says wrong phone number and email address because I haven't sat either of them up on my Snapchat account. How can I change my password without it getting sent to my phone number or my email address?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Parth TellsOct 10, 2016

Hi am parthpatel my Snapchat is locked from too days i recognized my mistake for using third party apps, but please please i request you for unlocking my account as i have important message on my account and please i promise you for not using the third party apps in future
Sorry please please unlock my account.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Mia Sultana TellsOct 09, 2016

I was warned yesterday that my Snapchat account would be locked if I used any other third party apps again. However I haven't used any other third party apps since and my account has been locked. I would like this unlocked or an explination as to why. Mia.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Atul TellsOct 05, 2016

Actually i have my contact in gmail ID
After i log in and i go to add contact from address book
It ask s me to give permission to access to my contacts and i gave
But after i give access it shows there s a problem connecting to your server please try again
N i tried after so many months, but also having the same problem
I have uninstalled the Snapchat and installed it again, but also i am. Issuing with the same problem
Please help me out
My snap ID is Atul 9741
Email ID Atul kothari.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Georgia TellsSep 27, 2016

Hello I have been locked out of my snap chat account today at around 1pm, but I have no idea why I'm being locked out . and I keep trying to unlock it, but it's not working. Could I get help unlocking it because I talk to some of my relatives through Snapchat.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Abdulrahman Ahmed TellsSep 26, 2016

Hi my name is Abdulrahman Ahmed i cant get into my Snapchat account called arsprayz because when i signed up i used a invalid email witch i did not even verify and the number i normally used to recover my account is 07932515305, but i lost my phone the other day so now i cant use my number and i remember the password before i changed it was arsprayzdiey9 now i cant remember the last one please help me i have so many photos on there i even uploaded one under this you can check to see for yourself help me get my Snapchat back please.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Joey TellsSep 21, 2016

I hate this site, the man whoever the fuck they were was so rude that mother fucker can suck my ass, i am never calling this number again, they werent even Snapchat so i wasted an hour trying to talk to someone and they just hung up like that mkade me lose my shit, i hate them so fucking much and i do not even give a ratass they are all cunts go fuck yourselves.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Anmol Virk TellsSep 15, 2016

My Snapchat username is anmolvirkpb03 I verified my number to Snapchat and I recently got a new number and I went to verify the new number, but Snapchat started malfunctioning and it logged me out, now I can not get back on. FIX THIS NOW or I'm gonna be your worst nightmare come true.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Opal TellsSep 05, 2016

I use to be able to take video with the lenses and now since I updated Snapchat it tells me my camera is not compatible with this it was working before the update please fix this or I will be deleting this app I really do not want to cause I love Snapchat, but it is not fun when you can not send videos with the lenses or filters or what ever you call it when you hold down on your face and the things come up like the bee I can not record videos with them I use to be able to now I can not please fix this.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mark TellsSep 04, 2016

I search for the correct username, but the add sign was not showing. It has the avatar picture and the plus sign didn't show. It's been like one week or so in which I experienced the issue. Sometimes last time the add sign when searching for the right username worked ok. However, right now, it's still has that problem. Please take time to fix this ASAP. My Snapchat username is y10.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sara TellsAug 31, 2016

Hi my Snapchat is down because I accidentally hit the verify button when putting in my date of birth and it was not the right year. Snapchat locked me out of my account because the date put in says I'm not 13, but I put the wrong year I will be 17 in less then a week and I was wondering if you could please fix it because I can not not log in to fix it. I am attaching my student ID it shows that I will be a senior in high school this school year. I would really appreciate it if you could fix it today.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Nick Lan. TellsAug 23, 2016

Hi Snapchat
I have an Acer Jade Z (Kit Kat 4. 4) and unable to download your APK from the Play Store. Although I have been able to side load Version 9. 37. three and it is working on my device. I would like to know why i am not able to download from the Play Store. Please help me understand why is this the case?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Essence Brown TellsAug 19, 2016

Hello my name is Essence I own the sc account named "essiemonroe" and I wanted to complain on a fake account of me The account name is "essiebaee" the account is posting my pictures without my permission and posting NUDES that are not me posing as me this is really ruining my life please get this account deleted.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Michaela Allen TellsAug 15, 2016

My Snapchat username is kaylabear82, I verified my number to Snapchat and I recently got a new number and I went to verify the new number, but Snapchat started malfunctioning and it logged me out, now I can not get back on. FIX THIS NOW or I'm gonna be your worst nightmare come true.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lia TellsAug 12, 2016

I've had my Snapchat for about a year and I had everything set up correctly and everything was working. Today, my friend was messing around on my phone and changed my birth date to like 2005. I changed my password and that didn't help. Obviously, if my birth date was 2005 i would be to young to have an account. Since now my birth date reads 2005, I got permanently locked out of my account. How can I log back into my account?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jackwilsonn16 TellsAug 10, 2016

My Snapchat has been locked out for over 24 hours. It was meant to be 'temporarily' I have no third party applications and I haven't done out with the settings on Snapchat. This is very frustrating if this doesn't get fixed I will not use this app no longer. My username: Jackwilsonn16 .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kit TellsAug 09, 2016

Hello my account has been temporarily blocked. I have been to the websites suggested and even tried to unlock it from there, but it has not worked. I also tried to contact Snapchat various times bht no one responded. Is it possible for you to unlock it? Thank you and plase contact me as soon as you can.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Shantallashanti TellsAug 03, 2016

Hello, for the last three days I been trying to login in my Snapchat buy is not working please I need help, I get contact with some of my people on my Snapchat please help. I do not why sometime when I log out it won't allowed me to login in please help and let me go back to my account my snqpchat is dadawangunikope.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Abhijeet TellsAug 03, 2016

Hello Snapchat
This is Abhijeet user of your app 'Snapchat'. Today due to my unavailability of internet i decided to click snaps and later post it when i reach home)bcause i have wifi at my home) when i reached home i had 145 snaps failed. And i decided to save it to my gallery, but suddenly a disaster happened and all the pics got invisiblea and i restarted my phone to see 0(zero) snaps. This is heartbreaking for meas i will not be able to visit the place again where i had 145 snaps. Please if you love your customers help me

Thnaking in advance
Abhijeet .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Nitesh Nanwani TellsAug 03, 2016

Hi Snapchat,

I forgot my password for my Snapchat account. My username is nitesh25 and my email is nitesh.

When I clicked forgot my password and when i wanted to get my new password via email, I never got an email to retrieve my new password. It kept saying verification code was sent to my phone number even though i said send via email and I still never received a code. I kept trying to get my new password via email, but i never got an email and can you take a look at this. Thank you
Nitesh Nanwani .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ashlee TellsAug 02, 2016

I created a story through your guys new memories program. I'm on my trip to Maine and have been taking lots of videos and photos. I've uploaded all those photos to my story I've created through memories. Last night I went to upload more videos and photos to that story and my story I had created was no longer there I have logged out and logged back in to see if it would show up again I even deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if it would work. Nope. All my photos and videos are gone. I've searched through my photos through my phone and there is nothing there. How do I get my precious videos and pictures back. I do understand that if you upload photos to your story they will be gone in 24 hours, but I created a story through
Memories which shouldn't dissapeer within 24 hours.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cris Sugabo TellsAug 02, 2016

My Snapchat account is being hacked by someone I know and is uploading inappropriate pictures without my permission or my knowledge until someone messages me that there was inappropriate pictures being uploaded. I've already changed my password awhile back, but this individual still got into my account. And I want my account to be permanently gone.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Lamont TellsJul 31, 2016

Please please unblock my Snapchat account

Hello Snapchat, can you please unblock my account because I have a lot of personal information on my account. I been blocked for more than a day. Thank you very much I appreciate it. My account name is Lamont _glizzy.

Customer service phone male
Mr. James Blackburn TellsJul 31, 2016

I do not have Snapchat i haven't down loaded your app and for some reason my phone, number is receiving notification after notification as well as phone calls at unimaginable times in the morning. I would like this resolved hastily as it is causing problems in my life and relationships.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Anna TellsJul 29, 2016

Hello Snapchat,
I'm in need of help as I have been since morning. I woke up and found my account was locked and I tried to search why and how I can get it back. It turned out that I was using their party apps of Snapchat unintentionally. So, I was told that I can get it back in 24h. So I thought if I deactivate the account, I might be able to get it sooner, but that was a fail. I have very important messages and things going on there that I need access to as soon as possible. Now my account numbert only is locked, but is also deactivated. Please and thank you for your time

Snapchat: moon_hassanein.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Dua TellsJul 24, 2016

I have bee notified that my snap chat have been lock, I believe due to insulation of snap upload it was unintentionally downloaded and this is the first time may I gave my account back again I have important messages and streaks. Many many thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Brandon Marks TellsJul 24, 2016

Hi UHM so I got locked out of my snaochat permanently last night and I'm not sure why and I'll do anything if you guys can unlock it very soon please I do not wanna lose all my streaks lol my names and if you guys can not unlock it let me know soon thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Elizabeth Egan TellsJul 23, 2016


My son does not have a Snapchat account, but someone has created an account using his phone number. Can you please delete that account?

My son’s name is Finn McCauley-Egan and his phone number is 61 seven 411 350 183 (BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA). Finn is 13 years old and someone communicating using his identity/contacts is already creating problems at school. I’m hoping this can be resolved quickly. Look forward to your prompt action. Kind Regards
Elizabeth Egan

61 seven 437 021 801.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Teila Mclochlan TellsJul 20, 2016

I have lost my 135 day streak with my friend on Snapchat, there was no hour glass and no warning for the disappearance of the streak we were Snapchatting each other five minutes before it disappeared and haven't missed a single day, we were on Snapchat when the streak was lost. Fix this now
thanks. Tillilulu.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tiffany TellsJul 19, 2016

My account was temporarily locked sometime last night or this morning. I've made sure (and double-checked) that I do not have any third-party applications on my iPhone, as well as uninstalled and re-installed Snapchat, but spry. Ly still gives me an error message when I try to log in via my computer. Will my account unlock on its own or do I have to manually unlock it myself via spry. Ly (and since I can not seem to access my account, what should I do)?

I'm really hoping to get my account unlocked within a day as I have important messages waiting for me and several streaks I do not want to lose, so please let me know what course of action I should take

—for reference, my Snapchat account username is t. Liu0
Thank you.

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