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/ is the Contact Phone Number of Square. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Square with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Square. Post issue for any problem with Square. if you find Square customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Square.

Square is an Mobile payment industry that deals in electronic payment service. It was founded in May 2010 having headquarters in United States. Jack Dorsey is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The square company product such as electronic devices. The square company produced first generation version hardware and software in 2010 and second generation version is square Credit Card reader which works with all iPhones, Ipod touches, and iPads.

Getting In Touch With Square

Official Contact Number of Square for General Inquiries
Phone Number:
Official Contact Number for Additional Customer Support
Phone Number:
Square a brand name that speaks for itself, offers alternatives that has drastically change the outlook of carrying out commercial transactions. The undertaking has framed adequate alternatives to ensure that the customers are provided necessary assistance at the time of need. In case of any complication experienced with the solutions renders by Square, kindly adhere to given link /> or alternative seek assistance by email at

Career Opportunities at Square

Square offers abundant opportunities of employment to the individuals who are inclined towards technology and innovation, harboring and providing a channel for the utilization of talent. The undertaking provides a considerable remuneration and other alluring perks. To know more about the possible vacancies at Square, please visit given link />

Square Support Center

Square offers hassle free assistance to the customers, in case any complication is experienced in the operation of products. For an expedited assistance from the experts at Square, kindly visit the following link />

Signing Up For Square

To get affiliated with Square can be termed as a minimal task. If you are looking for a path to get registered with Square, then visit the given link for further assistance />

Square Address Detail

Square address is San Francisco, United States.

Square Official Email Address

Square email address is .

Square Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Square is / (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Square Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nancy Mathews TellsNov 08, 2016

I am interested in the Square, but am with firstdata now. I have questions about my existing equipment being interchangeable with your Square, my customers need a printed receipt and I have a printer fd100. Would love to talk to someone so I can have my questions answered. Nancy Mathews /heaven sent flowers/. My other company heaven too llc is already with Square. Thank you, looking forward to talking to someone.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Diana TellsNov 03, 2016

First charged card, this company charges the card holder then asks the Square card Client to submit documents. The client submits the required documents A WEEK later they haven't transferred the money they have charged. Client calls, company says they are reviewing. Five minutes later they deactivate the account saying: "You will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days" and " we cannot reverse this decision and ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL DETAILS. " THEN THE CLIENT CANNOT CALL THEM (CANNOT TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE WITHOUT A CODE) NO OTHER PHONE NUMBER NO NOTHING. What kind of Company is this? I calling this a SCAM.

Customer service phone male
Mr. John Bentley TellsNov 01, 2016

I just received a message on my email with a receipt from a piano bar in GA where I have never been. The amount was for 100. 38. I am not sure what is going on, but I find no way to call Square and get a person. What if there is fraud going on and you are non responsive.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Nick Paull TellsOct 22, 2016

Years ago I signed up for Square using Rr.com and only used it once. Since then I signed up again, but with my new web site which is and did all the steps and connected to my bank which was OK'd. Please cancel the early account as it's trying to make me do all the steps all over. I was sent and received the $49 unit from you and almost have have done almost all the steps needed. I need to use the Square next week so please help me.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marthe Fleurine TellsOct 12, 2016

$1000 missing from my account. I was trying to send the money to Bertrand Jean Laurent, but It was canceled. Also, the money never goes to his account. I go checked on my bank )wells fargo), they told that the money was released to Square. So, please help me to get my money back. Thanks,

Marthe Fleurine .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jim Wright TellsOct 01, 2016

I had an unauthorized charge to my Visa card through Square. Authorization code 00844D for $183 form T4Teachers/1on1 math coaching. I NEED TO HAVE it REMOVED. Jim Wright .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cheryl Skaflestad TellsSep 28, 2016

I just want to say that I have spent an hour trying to get my code to sign in, but you make it impossible cause when I try to sign in you ask for the code that I am trying to get. Omg people. I have been running around trying to call and also clicked on help, but it also ask for me for my code that again I am trying to get. Then you ask me to go to Square.com/code, and when I get there it ask for my code that I am looking for. Please help for crying out loud.

Customer service phone male
Mr. J Scott Emerson TellsSep 13, 2016

My complaint is simple. No body from Square helps they give wrong numbers and no way to contact for help. I am a new customer and having trouble. I am so frustrated that I never want to use Square and will be returning the product and using another source. What a joke.

Customer service phone male
Mr. E TellsSep 02, 2016

I ran a salE with no problE m, sE cond salE was madE right aftE r with a diffE rE nt card, samE customE r. SE cond salE statE d succE ssful, but didn't ask for signaturE and customE r didn't gE t hE r instant rE cE ipt and nE ithE r did wE . ThE customE r took thE product bE causE wE thought E vE rything was finE . Can anyonE tE ll mE how to fix this? I do not know what to do. onE salE shows up thE othE r doE sn't.

Customer service phone male
Mr. John TellsAug 17, 2016

Square, we are a-1 garage door our bank account was closed due to an employee stealing checks from a-1 printed checks please reply we need to cancel our compromised checking account and router and issue a new router and checking account to Square our customers swipes are sill going into the compromised account thank you a-1 door John .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steven TellsAug 01, 2016

I mistakenly signed up for a device code and now I cannot remember device code yet it won't let me sign in on my email. Also my internet has been very unreliable this weekend, but I need to get into my Square account asap.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Bernice TellsJul 28, 2016

I have been waiting for my refund for months. I fianlly get an email saying that its in my favor and not funds yet cant get a customer code please call
Thanks please in this lifetime.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Julian Cox TellsJul 25, 2016

A merchant that uses Square sent me a refund July 11, 2016 and I have not received the funds yet. The merchant is Hanics America and the refund is $540. 00. As always I can not get in touch with anyone at Square, I have tried calling and emailing with no response. Can anyone help me out here? It would be appreciated. Hanics says the funds have already been taken from their account.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tiredofit TellsFeb 13, 2016

We are getting emails saying that we owe Square over $3000. We do not have a Square account, we do not use it in our business, and your phone number only works for existing accounts. We owe you nothing, and if you call us, we will need your account number to speak to you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. France Jameson TellsJan 21, 2016

We are having trouble processing cards that have the new chip. What do you suggest
I have tried to get my customer number, but I do not know where to find it
Cell .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Dahria Malchevskaya TellsJan 13, 2016


Customer service phone male
Mr. Ralph TellsDec 24, 2015

No customer service. Told me to register and then I will have a code but, step one full name address info step two SS number step three bank info WTF nothing left, but giving all my information and for what?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Leonardo Neira TellsNov 02, 2015

Hi my name is Leonardo Neira . Yesterday I took a costumer from Cambria hotel to jfk)terminal 4) at 6:30 pm. I charged 145 plus taxes. But his card just had 150 and he told me the rest I will pay you cash. He signed, but I dint get my money in the bank.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ruth Peterson TellsOct 01, 2015

I would like a phone call please. I would like to remove my email address from you database. I must have given it to a vendor in the past. Now if a vendor uses Aquare, they do not even ask me regarding my receipt, they just email it to me. Pleas call and we discuss this.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Nicolas TellsJul 24, 2015

Right now its getting to the point that My co-workers are wondering if Square is a fraud. I have had $2, 813. 00 sitting in the Square account for over two months now showing that it is a pending deposit to my account. I have written various emails to Square and have not gotten any answers from a human. I need this money ASAP and need to speak to a human representative from Square. My number is , email is

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kevin TellsMay 23, 2015

This is all I want is to talk to someone asking to much personal information and I do not have any answers I'm going to terminate services and go else where. .

Customer service phone male
Mr. John Marsh TellsMar 02, 2015

Unable to speak with a live person and not getting or understand the web site results. I need help or I'm not going to do business with a company that doesn't think enough of me to talk with me.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Ali Chohan TellsDec 20, 2014

I charged someone to my Square devce 180$, it should come to my account, but its showing debt in my account please i need money resolve my this problem 5712086624 Ali Chohan.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Antonio Ramirez TellsDec 05, 2014

I recently visited a merchant who uses Square to accept payment for services. The problem I'm having to which I'm not getting anywhere in receiving any help. I charged using my MC and this charge generated an electronic receipt. The problem, the receipt was not sent to me, the person who charged on it. The receipt was sent to my spouse who is an authorized MC user on my account. I need to contact someone who can help me understand why my spouse received a receipt for my charge.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Huguens TellsNov 20, 2014

Hello. I recently got your device. I know you charge 2. 75 percent per transaction when we swipe the credit card. But do you charge the same when we enter the c. C manually. Or if not, what percent do you charge when we enter the credit card info in the system manually. I'm looking forward your answer.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jose Cruz TellsNov 07, 2014

Square account United Limos has charged one of my customers $200. 00. We are United Limousine and Charter, Inc. This is a fraud case. Call me as soon as possible at .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Haley TellsOct 18, 2014

I need to talk to somebody regarding my square program not working on my iPad and iPhone, but only an automated message comes up, tried many times, couldn't get to talk to a live rep.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kitty Burkey TellsSep 25, 2014

I cannot get through to a human being for any help. I believe my reader is no longer functioning. I am paying more fees because the card reader is no longer functioning. I am trying to see if they can help me test it. I an no spring chicken, but have had success with the reader in the past. I am not happy i have to pay additional fees because i didn't know the reader had stopped working, it has certainly not been abused. I would appreciate your help in resolving my issue. I am frustrated. I need a human to contact me.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nancynguyen TellsJul 21, 2014

To whom it may concern,
I am having trouble with this weekend transaction, on July 18,2014 my gross sale was $225 and July 19,2014 my gross sale was $170 which bring us to a total of $395.
Square had sent only $320. 92 to my account. Can you please investigate this matter for me? thank you. Please call or email me.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ginny Nadler TellsJul 01, 2014

I changed my email address and bank account for deposits on or about the 20th of June. I received a confirmation that my information was changed. I used my square for deposits and i have received confirmation that $651. 58 has been deposited. The old account number longer exists for deposits and the account i requested the change has received no deposit. When i attempt to get into my account on line the new email address does not work nor does the old. I need this money immediately.
Please help. .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jennifer Schaffner TellsDec 10, 2013

A customer is trying to pull an insurance scam, when their insurance denied them they tried to file a false report saying my company CNJ Appliance did not install the almost $800.00 part we did indeed purchase and install. We have sent all documentation and disclosures that this is a non-refundable part. The customer was well aware as well. Despite the fact that we have a legally binding contract your company not only refunded money he was not legally entitled to, but you went into my bank and effectively took all my other customers money to give it to a scammer.We want no part of this man's insurance scam nor are we legally responsible and we have the signed waiver to prove it. I need a phone call today at 2819748862.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Emily Cayson TellsOct 05, 2013

hi my name is Emily Cayson I have a spuare reader and I processed a charge today 10-4-2013 around 2pm mountain time for 35 dollars, no email was sent saying I accepted this and what my new square balnce is. It should be around 80.00 as of today. My company name is Doggy Clips in Nampa ID, 83686. My email address is Please contavt me back as soon as possable. Thank you

Customer service phone male
Mr. Trevor Pace TellsOct 02, 2013

I have been trying to get in contact with a representative to reconnect my Square to my new phone, for the past few days. I need to speak to a live person because when I put in the security question answer to the ' what street did you grow up on? ' it says that my correct answer is wrong I've missed out on several transactions and need for a rep to call immediately

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maria Bautista TellsSep 30, 2013

I need to buy a Square, but I speak Spanish. Is possible speak with a person that speak Spanish please. I living in Miami. My phone number is: . My name is Maria Bautista. Please call me. Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tim TellsSep 25, 2013


My name is Tim Henry, I am a square card reader member using a Samsung s three android phone, my question is how do I set up reacuring payments from my customers.

I am also having dificulties signing in, as my primary email address no longer exists.

Need help asap


Customer service phone female
Ms. brittanie TellsSep 25, 2013

Had transactions on 9/20 in almost 500 dollars. Customers werw all charged and my square accoumt showed transactions, but I never received payment. Found out somehow my bank account was unlinked. Linked it back and now all of my transactions have disappeared from my account. I need someone to call me. . The fact that there is not someone to speam with is absolutely ridiculous considering you are accepting payments for businesses.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Laura TellsSep 20, 2013

My square app is not working. AT&T says it is a software problem with square. I've reinstalled and am getting frustrated. I need to speak with a person or will be using a different service. I've got through contact us online and left very detailed message as to what the app is doing and the responses are ridiculous, as if the person answering does not even understand.

My number is . I need a call today or its see ya later, sorry. Trying to run a business;(

Laura McLean

Customer service phone male
Mr. Graphic Designs TellsSep 07, 2013

I am having a problem with swiping cards using my card reader. I have requested a new card, but have not received one yet; therefore, I have to pay the higher rate. Please

Customer service phone male
Mr. DAVID TellsAug 26, 2013

hi I signed up for square I hard a customer put $4000 dollars on a new account and square is holding my money for 90 days this is bullshit and than they are holding my account what kind of company is this ?David Bailey

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lindie TellsAug 20, 2013

I changes bank accounts and am trying to use my square for a new account setting it up its asking me email, etc then tells me e mail already being used how do I use this square reader for a new bank account

Customer service phone female
Ms. Valerie TellsAug 17, 2013

I ran a charge for $3400 and it was credited back as a refund the day before it was processed. The client was charged and no refund showed up om his statement . Someone has $3400 in there account and it not me. I am waiting two days now to hear back from someone at square. This is an unprofessional way to handle customer service. I am assuming this will be straightened out, but it's very frustrating not to be able to talk with someone directly.

Customer service phone female
Ms. KAROL SHAHID TellsAug 14, 2013


Customer service phone male
Mr. Jason Jarvis TellsAug 14, 2013

my card was initially charged 2000 dollars, but transaction was cancled and now that money is on hold within your company. This card is linked to my bank account and it was taken out of my checking account.

What do I do

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mark TellsAug 10, 2013

DO you guys have a extension pin for the square. My type of cell phone case which is a griffin will not allow it to seat properly into the jack. I would like to keep the case i have. Sincerely your customer: Mark J Talbert ps: cell case is difficult to remove on and off for each transaction.

Customer service phone male
Mr. sadruddin TellsAug 06, 2013

Hi, my name is sadruddin g hussain. I drive a cab and use square for any cc transactions. Yesterday a transaction went through three timesvs once. Is there anyway you guys can redund the transactions? Please let me know what I need to do. If you can call my daughter at her name is sabeen.or if you can respond at that would be great.thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tony Duran TellsJul 30, 2013

Can you call me? I have questions before I begin using your services. I will be here by the phone for another ten minutes. It's 1:05 Central time.

Thank you,


Customer service phone female
Ms. Camille Bruce TellsJul 30, 2013

The reason for this message is because I am a square card user and I have not received the payments from the transactions that I completed. Can you assist me in order to receive my payments? My number is and my user name is Even Photography. My routing number is connected to MidCountry Bank. Please help me resolve this issue.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Alma Rodriguez TellsJul 23, 2013

I had a customer dispute a transaction and It was paid back to them without a investigation of any type. Customer received a service and just because he was going out of the country and need money filed this claim. I need to speak with a actual person ASAP...

Customer service phone male
Mr. LUIS MARMOL TellsJul 17, 2013

Hi my name is Luis Marmol and I signed up with you guys, but I accidentaly set up my account and I am missing a number for my bank account I need to resolve this issue as soon as possible because I have a few transactions pending and I do not want to lose out on my money. please contact me at or email me

Customer service phone female
Ms. Patricia TellsJul 11, 2013

Need to talk to a human my number is 7275124101 . I made deposits to a bank acct that Ihad forgotten I closed . I then linked my current account . Got an email from Square stating monies were sent to previous acct . Want to know if my monies will now be deposited to current linked account .

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