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Swiffer is a cleaning product industry that deals in cleaning service. The company was created in 1999. Its headquarters situated in Texas, U.S. It is a part of Procter and Gamble Company. The company product such as Swiffer Sweeper floor sweeper, Swiffer WetJet floor cleaner solution, Swiffer Dusters Extender (with 360° Dusters refills), Swiffer 360° Dusters, Swiffer Dusters, The Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty large floor sweeper, Swiffer SweeperVac cleans, Swiffer Dust and Shine with the freshness of Febreze furniture polish cleans, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Unscented 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Lavender Vanilla and Comfort 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Sweet Citrus and Zest 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Gain Original Scent 16 Count.
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Swiffer address is P O Box 900011 El Paso, Texas, U.S..

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The Customer Service Phone Number of Swiffer is (touch to call)

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Swiffer Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tasha Robinson TellsNov 18, 2016

Hi my name Tasha Robinson

I'm a long time happy customer with your product. I recently decided to try a new product of yours wet vac and I deep disappointed that after little under three month I can let even get to turn on. Just randomly stop working. I do not know if this normal, but pay $50 for this was a big purchase for my household. I just hoping it would work.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathleen Adams TellsNov 11, 2016

I had a Swiffer wetjet, loved it, but the handle broke after a year. I thought it was just defective so i bought another one. It did the same thing, after a few months. Have you improved the handles lately? I am not happy with having to duck tape the handle until i use all the pads and cleaner i bought.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Georgina Nicole Chambers-cole TellsNov 11, 2016

I saw your products the swifter vacuum and would really like it, but right now I am not working so I cannot afford it. I am always watching your advertisements on the television and I see where you send packages to people to try your products I am therefore asking if the same courtesy could be extended to me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Debra Bradford TellsOct 29, 2016

I am writing about the wet jet how long are they supposed to last I bought three this year, i really like the product, but they do not last long i cant afford to buy that many a year. After about five or six uses the pads do not stick and the sprayers do not work. Am i doing anything wrong;i use all the products the dusters and the wet wipes for the floor and the swifer.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Julie Ford TellsOct 05, 2016

I usually have no problems when using the Swiffer line of products and then that changed today. While cleaning my ceiling fan the arm just snapped off sending all the dust and dirt down on my head and face I was using it just as I always have and never encountered such a problem. Was really disappointed. Not sure if others have had a problem, but wanted to pass it on. Julie Ford
3705 w 9th st
Trainer, PA 19061.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Leonard St. Louis TellsSep 24, 2016

Dear Customer Service,

I have a defective Swiffer Head and would like to receive a replacement part. The Foam is crumbling and separating from the plastic head making it unusable. The handle is in perfect condition. I have attached a photo of the problem. It seems the type of foam used is disintegrating prematurely. Please ship a replacement part to my home address. Thank you. Kind Regards,

Leonard St. Louis
594208 Blind Line



Customer service phone female
Ms. Becky TellsSep 16, 2016

Hi there. I just got a Swiffer sweeper and bac for my birthday in June of this year. My charger for this is no longer charging the sweeper, I used my moms charger and it worked fine. Where can I get a replacement charger for the new model. I will not go buy another unit I can not believe it only lasted three months, my old sweeper and bac lasted at least a year before the motor just went on me, I love these products as I have dogs and they are great for the hair, but I am extremely disappointed in this product right now. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathleen Springer TellsAug 14, 2016

Hello, My husband bought me a Swiffer wet jet about a year ago. We travel during the winter so it was not used for 2-3 months. The last time I tried to use it it wouldn't work. There is no noise, which it usually makes when dispensing the cleaning fluid. I put in new batteries, but still no luck. Is the life of this product so short? I want to get another floor cleaner, but do not want to get a Swiffer if it only lasts about nine months.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sandy Browning TellsJul 28, 2016

Hands down. Best thing EVER INVENTED Stopped cleaning for a minute to tell you what a fantastic product I own the wet jet and the dry/wet mop and mostly use that DAILY with the wet pads. Been using them for years, really let's me stay on top of my household cleaning duties with great ease. And SPEED LOVE IT Never had anything faulty, or anything less than 100% quality You got one HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR LIFE ??????.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Victoria TellsJul 24, 2016

To whom is may concern,
My mother has boughten numerous Swiffer systems to clean the house with. Unfortunately it's gotten to the point where I need to contact you after buying numerous un-functioning Swiffers. Each time we buy a new one we end up with the sprayers being broken and not working. Now we thought at first that maybe we were doing something wrong, but after buying our 4th and having the same problem after notably keeping very good care of it I think that it is unacceptable and would like an explanation or some kind of compensation for the loss that my mother has had to pay for numerous of your very poor quality systems. I would like a response. Thank you. Victoria .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tom Carey TellsJul 09, 2016

Dear Swiffer,
I am a 53 yr old male. I actually do the bulk of our house cleaning and I find the Swiffer wet jet to be my favorite of all cleaning supplies I use. I love it However, I have broken three of them at the handle and I am no muscle man. As a man I think I unconsciously just bear down. Is it possible to make a "manjet"? I know many like me who also break theirs. Thank you and keep up the great work. Tom Carey.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nicole TellsJun 19, 2016

I have purchased three Swiffer vacuums over the last two years and have looked after them very well. But the motor keeps burning out. I think that third one was the last time for supporting your product. I am very disappointed that your product does not hold up at all. three over two years is a really bad review and high risk percentage. Too bad because I had hoped it would be a better product. I should not have to replenish them every eight months at that cost. Please advise.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tonia Rohlfs TellsJun 17, 2016

I have purchased my third Swiffer sweeper- the 49. 99 one that has a battery. In the last 15 months I am on my third one because the battery fails to hold a charge for more than ten seconds. It works for a few months then it gets shorter and shorter until it is not usable. So frustrating. I can use it as a Swiffer, but I like and paid for the suction. I went to buy another one at KRogers where I got this last one and I refuse to pay 49. 99 for another damaged/defective product. I can send in my defective one so Swiffer could try to solve the defect. I would love to have a replacement. Of course I do not have the receipt, who saves those for bromms and mops. U assume it will last years.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lyn King TellsJun 02, 2016

I purchased a SwifferVac at Target and the handle will not stay up. And the unit will not keep a charge for very long. I have had other SwifferVacs and they worked fine. I even gave my daughter my last one when I purchased this new one. I was told that if I filled out a survey, I would receive a coupon for another one. Please respond. Thank you, .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lana Brees TellsMay 26, 2016

I have used Swiffer Battery Vacuum for many years. The first one I purchased many years ago was wonderful. I found it had three batteries and lasted for a couple years. The second one I purchased did not have the same amount of suction as the first. I found it had only two batteries. The third one I purchased, six months ago has already lost most of the power, will not even vacuum one room before it dies. The store will not take it back since it is six months old. Seems you are like all companies that get the customer hooked by making a wonderful product then over the years cut back on the quality and raise the prices. I am so disappointed in the product now. I am out $50. 00 for the third one that will not hold a charge long enough to vacuum one room. Typical.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nicole Thorpe TellsMar 15, 2016

This is so bizarre. I never take the time to complain about a product, but your product has been pressing on me. When I initially starting using the Swifter wet jet, I was enamored with it, but then something changed. To be specific, it was the disposable padding. Now, the product is horrible. The pad use to be a quick and easy way to both sweep and mop, now it does nothing more than move dirt around. It is not picking anything up at all. Not all changes are good. Sometimes you need to leave something that works alone. I hope you go back to the old padding.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jennifer Hafner TellsMar 07, 2016

Dear Sponsor of the CBS network:

I am so disappointed to hear that CBS encourages the decline of public discourse by giving Donald Trump almost unlimited open mic time. Specifically, I am referencing Lee Moves’ comments that the more rude, incendiary and extreme Trump’s tirades are, the better it is for CBS’s bottom-line, even if it’s having negative effects on the USA. I will not watch CBS. I will not buy items from your sponsors. I cannot in good conscience support a network that is so irresponsible of its role in our democracy that it is willing to race to the bottom – affecting our nation for years to come - if it means more cash. CBS is my “must not see” TV. And their sponsors are on my “do not buy” list. Sincerely,

Jennifer B. Hafner.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tracy TellsFeb 27, 2016

I have a question about the $2 off starter kit coupon that comes out in the coupon inserts in the local newspaper. I tried to use it on the one count starter kit duster. Some dollar generals call their district manager to get it approved since the package states it is a starter kit and it is not the two count that the coupon excludes. But i tried to use it at two different locations yesterday and they wouldnt take it, they wanted to argue and say it wasnt for that item although it states it is a starter kit. So, could you explain to me if this is the right item or not? i am sending the pic of the coupon i am referring to and the side of the package on the duster showing it states it is a starter kit. Id like something to show the stores when they turn my coupon down so they know it is the right item.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Carol Brown TellsJan 30, 2016

I have used a Swiffer wet jet for about one year now. I have laminate wood in the kitchen and when cleaned, I am always left with streaks. Whether I use a lot, or a little cleaning fluid, the steaky finish is always there. What do you suggest?
My second problem is that the two holes to let the fluid out are blocking. One is completely blocked, the other only lets a dribble out. Again, what do you suggest?
Thank you. Carol Brown .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Linda Mayfield TellsJan 12, 2016

My Swiffer Vac will not accept any charge at all. I was told that the information would be given to a team to decide what to do, and that I would receive a coupon in 2-3 weeks, but I do not know what the coupon will be for, and he didn't either, because the team hadn't met yet. I just want my Swiffer Vac to work.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathleen Keenan TellsJan 03, 2016

The sprayer on the left side of my wet jet is not spraying the cleaning liquid out. Is there something I can do to repair this? It is really annoying as I have a new bottle of the cleaning liquid on, and it is not working right. I will appreciate a quick reply Thank you, Kathleen.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sophia TellsDec 30, 2015

Hello, This is my second Swiffer dry vacuum, my first last it for about two years until battery failed, but second one only lasted a few months. Battery is not charging anymore. What's the solution for this product, I am a loyal customer of your company, but it's very annoying to deal second time with the same problem. I am asking if you can replace the whole items since battery costs as much as the product itself. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lila Mcguire TellsDec 13, 2015

The last Swiffer wet jet I bought stopped working after three months. The cleaner would not spray from the holes. I tried every way to clean the holes. I finally purchased another one. The cleaner drips out, but does not spray. Lila Mcguire .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jeff Johns TellsNov 14, 2015

I am writing because I see your commercials. And I have used your products. But I am wondering how you get one of those big Green box's with your products to show up on my front porch. I have not seen any of them show up in our neighborhood. My address is 1305 Alexwood Dr. Hope Mills NC 28348. Thanks for your time in this matter. Jeff Johns .

Customer service phone female
Ms. My Info TellsAug 23, 2015

I am extremely frustrated with your Swiffer WetJet. I go through at least four per year. They handle breaks like butter in my hand for no reason after using it just once a week after two months. You obviously are manufacturing these cheaply in China yet charging Americans a huge amount of money. I expect to be reimbursed and get a free Swiffer WetJet with free liquid. My address is 9430 us 12 Brooklyn Michigan 49230. Thank you, Lori mantyla.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Stephanie Adair TellsApr 11, 2015

I purchased a Swiffer vacum cleaner for $38. 99 at target when I opened it I noticed it had no charger so I took it back, but they told me I had to call the 1800 number so I couldn't return it now I'm short 38. 99 never again will I buy anything from that company.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathy Vena TellsDec 21, 2014

I am not here to complain. My name is KathyVena and I have diagnosed with Multable Sclerosis and have been having trouble with keeping my home clean and wanted to know if you carry products that aid those with disabilities? 8Thank you for your time. Net6633 Simmons loopRiverview, Fl 33578.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Vivian Whitfield TellsDec 16, 2014

My Swiffer 360 was such a disappointment after I was so excited, I actually sat down and called 800 number. I was so angry, with dust in my eyes I was ready for a fight, but, I am telling you, they were so nice, and treated me like a responsible neighbor would, and you know how rare those are. I feel like maybe I should try it again.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Rocky TellsDec 10, 2014

The number provided only gives you information on where to buy. Swiffer itself doesn't care about customers, our problems with their products, or what we think. If you use their email support beware the T and Cs. It states they will use your email for marketing purposes and share with business partners. Unbelievable, I reach out for help with a product and the manufacturer sets me up to get spammed. Horrible customer service and no avenue to complain.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Margo Brenes TellsDec 08, 2014

I have a Swiffer Steam Boost that I've had since about the beginning of the year. I would say I've used it maybe five times (I still have almost a full box of the cleaning pads). I just tried to use it and realized it wasn't functioning properly. After investigating the cause, I see that there's a hose from the water tank to the pad that's completely severed. I think it's ridiculous that I spent over $50 for this mop and have only used it a handful of times and now it's no good. I do not have my receipt and even if I did, Target wouldn't take it back now. Is there some easy way to fix this or do you have another solution?Thank you, .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Robert Elias TellsDec 02, 2014

Hi my name is Robert. I have four boys who do their very best to keep me busy cleaning as I am a stay at home dad. My one year old makes it that much more difficult because he never wants to be put down. I would like to try your product as I've heard it is very handy one-handed If at all possible I would really appreciate your help in making my life a little easier.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Susan TellsDec 02, 2014

Why is it so hard to call you? First, a survey and offer, then a looping recording with collect call charges. Now it told me to hang up to receive a call back. I sure hope there are no charges to me for this call. I simply have a question about one of your products. This might influence any future purchases of your products. Consumers should be able to reach a support person without such a time consuming and confusing call procedure.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Sandy Maddux TellsNov 20, 2014

I purchased a Swiffer Wet Jet at Walmart, Piqua, Ohio, a few weeks ago. I didn't assemble and use it right away,, but when I did only the right "jet" worked. The left one just dribbled a little. I had not kept my receipt, so I had a hassle returning it. I was finally able to exchange it for a new one. I got it home just now, and it is exactly the same as the other one. Only the right jet works I am disabled and it is difficult for me to get out, especially here in Ohio right now where we have lots of early snow, ice and wind. I live about 15 miles from Piqua, too. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in your product. What gives?

Customer service phone female
Ms. Anne TellsNov 10, 2014

The new handle on the swifter floor sweeper (new to me) is bigger than the older one that i have. I recently bought a new one, because my old one broke and the first time i used it. I ended up with cramps in my hand in a short amount
of time. Why was the size around changed? Now i will be throwing
it away and looking for a different model
and manufacturer. New is not always better.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tasha Jefferson TellsOct 26, 2014

I used all the Swiffer WetJet products, but since I have moved to Texas and I have noticed that the WetJet no longer cleans my floors properly. I have to use like seven or eight pads on my floors and they are still not clean. I have resulted in going back to my mop and bucket if I want my floors clean. I also feel like it's a waste of money in using the pads, because I go through a big box in the course of two days. I feel the cleaning solution should be made stronger and you should make reusable pads.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Rosa TellsOct 24, 2014

I just moved and my sister was trying to help me out by buying me a WetJet Spray. Since I have three kids and am a single mother and I am living on a tight budget. The sprayer only sprays out of one side and leaks from the other. Since my sister lives far away and she discard the receipt and when I called the store where she purchased it at they said that they couldn't do anything without the receipt. Is there anything I could to fix the problem? Or what should I do?

Customer service phone female
Ms. Gail TellsOct 18, 2014

This is not a complaint, i just love your ad with "the stacks" with all of the dogs. Could you tell me what breed of dog "Cameron" is? Every time i see the commercial, i want him. I do not know how you could find this information out, but it would truly be appreciated. I use the Swiffer and love it!.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Beth Hill TellsOct 15, 2014

I bought a Swifter sweeper before one and half month ago and it is broken. The sprayer is broken and it stopped spraying. I took it back to Walmart and they said, basically it is not our problem. So, i bought your product and it failed after just one month over. I am one legged so it is hard for me to do things and this product helped me out.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Heather Staley TellsJun 05, 2014

I purchased a wet jet and it broke right at the handle. I do not have a receipt any longer. I have seen more an just my complaint for the same problem. I would appreciate if swifter stood by it is product with a better resolution than just needing the receipt. It is pretty obvious who made the product. Please resolve.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marie Ionno TellsJun 01, 2014

Hello, Within the last year, i have purchased a swiffer vacuum. I have really enjoyed the product, however the battery has faded incredibly. It will not have power after three minutes. The product remains charged (as directed) at all times. Therefore, the battery life should last significantly longer. This has become a large inconvenience for me. I would like to continue using the product, but feel that another battery will be the only way.

Please email me back at marie. to discuss this matter further.

Many thanks,

Marie ionno.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Karri TellsFeb 05, 2014

The handle on my swifter wet jet broke right where the medal stops by the stray button. I have had it about three months and love it!, but was wondering if there was any guarantee on this product as my thought is, it should last longer than three months.
Thank you for responding.

Customer service phone female
Ms. ashley TellsOct 29, 2013

I am a huge fan of swifter products, but recently I have had multiple problems. I bought a brand new swifter wet jet for my kitchen and when I took it out of the box it was busted, so I taped it a bit. Then the liquid made my floor so sticky I have to get down and scrub it away. I was very displeased.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Caryle Saathoff TellsOct 10, 2013

I purchased a box of refills for my mop and there is no way they will fit my mop. I need the sides of the refill to tuck in on the top of the mop and these refills won't work How will I be able to use my mop without the correct ones?

Customer service phone female
Ms. NORMA DRUPIESKI TellsOct 06, 2013

the liquid only comes out on one side, and your instructions for inserting the batteries are horrible, I cannot see the minus or plus sign ti insert the battery, this product should be taken off the market, why would I ever sve a grocery receipt to get my money back? My mistake, but let me tell you I will ndever purchse another Swiffer product and I will tell EVERYONE NOT TO PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF JUNK

Customer service phone female
Ms. June Powell TellsSep 17, 2013

Love Morty and Lee...can they come teach me how to manage your products. we've been married 58 yrs and my husband is a copy of Morty. I need some help from Lee. Could they come and set us straight? have a big house to care for. could use some tips.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathleen Seelmann TellsSep 15, 2013

I bought a Swiffer wetjet about five weeks ago from the local Dollar General store located in Emerald Isle North Carolina. I have always used this product and have had no problem. After the 3rd time of using it one of the jets quick working I couldn't take it back to the store because I no longer had the box or receipt. about a week and a half later the other jet quick working. I am now left with three bottle of cleaner and three boxes of Swiffer pads. I would like a replacement. I can send the broken one back to you. It will show that it hardly had any use. My name is Kathleen Seelmann address: 305 Spell Drive Emerald Isle North Carolina 2594. I do not want to spend additional money when I should be compensated a new one. Although I do not have the upc code and receipt I can return the broken one to you. my contact number us 252330603

Customer service phone female
Ms. Robyn Dudek TellsAug 23, 2013

I have recently purchased the swiffer steam boost. I actually love the product, unfortunately the steam trigger button just broke and I can no longer use the product. I do not have the sales receipt and would really like the product fixed or replaced.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Barbie TellsAug 02, 2013

I have purchased two swiffer wet jets in the past four years . I really like them, but the jets on the first one clogged up completely. Recently( less than a year ago) I bought a new one and already one of the jets in not functioning. Obviously I have passed my 30 day warranty and am wondering if you stand by your product for more than 30 days. I will be finding a new way to do the floors if you can not help me out. Thank you in advance for responding to this email.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Shaynee Wagnon TellsJul 22, 2013

I just went and bought a swiffer, I am not able to return my swiffer back to Walmart because it was opened and i did not have a receipt. The handle is broken and the bottom where the pad is supposed to go is broken. I did not notice that when I was in Walmart and now I can not do anything about it. So please help me be able to get another one. I need this for my house, and I have tried everything I can to take it back and they won't let me.
Shaynee Wagnon
271 Workman Ct. # 2
Tahlequah OK 74464

Customer service phone female
Ms. ck TellsJul 06, 2013

Used the wet jet for about one month, mopped a small bathroom tile floor daily. the plastic at the swivel head broke completely through. no longer have the receipt, so unable to return it. intended to buy the Swiffer Bissell steamer- NOT NOW! POOR QUALITY!

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