+ / +44 (0) 845 5280269 is the Contact Phone Number of Treyarch. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Treyarch with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Treyarch. Post issue for any problem with Treyarch. if you find Treyarch customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Treyarch.

Treyarch is a video games industry. It was founded in 1996. Its having headquarters situated in Santa Monica, California, United States. It has 250 employees. Activision Blizzard is the owner of the industry. Treyarch is the most popular video game makers in the world. Peter Akemann and Don Likeness is the founder of treyarch video game. In 2000 treyarch develop first Dreamcast games: the Mattel-licensed Max Steel: Covert Operations and their original title, Draconus: Cult of the Wurm. Treyarch company games such as Olympic Hockey 98, Die By the Sword, Triple Play 2000, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Triple Play Baseball, Spider-Man, NHL 2K2, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer, Call of Duty 2, Quantum of Solace etc.
Official Contact Number of Treyarch for All General Inquiries / Support
Phone Number: +
Official Additional Contact Number for General Support
Phone Number: +44 (0) 845 5280269

Treyarch Address Detail

Treyarch address is 3420 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 1000, Santa Monica, California, U.S..

Treyarch Official Email Address

Treyarch email address is .

Treyarch Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Treyarch is + / +44 (0) 845 5280269 (touch to call)

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Treyarch Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone male
Mr. Julia Dmytrow TellsJul 07, 2016

Hi Treyarch,

Today I am in forming you that my account has been hacked by someone or you guys have reset it so want my level back which level 1000 prestige master, by the way I bought this with my own money. My PSN username: dmytrow_chop. If you my PSN details Treyarch email me back. Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Trey TellsJun 22, 2016

Some youtubers said the were getting free cod points if you could give me some that would be great, but ifhave a Youtube channel and need cod points for free because I waist my money and I need the wepones if cod points that would be great.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Va Black Sniper TellsJun 01, 2016

I am trying to get help and speak to someone about an issue that I have been having with black ops three on the xbox one. I have been having this issue for a while, years and this is not the first game. I would like to speak to someone because email or no communication is not going to help at all. It's getting to the point where if something doesn't get done in may just have to file a lawsuit and I really do not want to do that.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Brandon TellsMay 19, 2016

I have been banned on black ops one for over six years now for absolutely no reason. I sent my 360 in for repair and got it back and it said the servers were offline so after a few days of that, I called the support line and was told that I was banned from playing online and I asked for the reason of the ban and got told that the information could not be disclosed to me. I asked how long the ban was for and got the same response. There is absolutely no reason for me to be banned because I have never hacked, cheated, or boosted on any call of duty. Now that Black ops one is backwards compatible, I bought it in hopes that the unreasonable ban would have been lifted by now and it has not been. My gamertag is xGoxDawgsx and I have been a long time Treyarch. This is ridiculous and I would like my ban to be lifted or at least the reasoning behind it to be told to me. I would really like to play Black Ops one now that it is backwards compatible with the xbox one.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Sean Russell TellsMay 17, 2016

Why do you always have to put peole in matches THAT ALREADY STARTED FUCK YOU FIX THAT SHIT every time i go into a god damn game you have to put me on a team that is getting their ass kicked so bad are yall lazy to fix shit or just always worried bout the glitches? who cares about the glitches i do them and everyone else does, you can never stop that, but you CAN stop this fucking server issue .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jokahud TellsMay 08, 2016

I am not happy and hope this is the right place to be writing this. Its in regards to black ops three on my ps4. Whilst using the black market and aquiering the brass knuckes after rolling just over 30 i then went back to cheack my weapons to find that they wasnt there. This has happened twice now. The first time i just let it go, but twice is un acceptable. Hopefully you can do something to resolve this.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Logan Alexander TellsMar 17, 2016

Why would you reset my stuff if i earned it all legitly? Thats not fair my psn is wyckedsoul11 and i would like it if you would undo it. Please and thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Logan Alexander TellsMar 17, 2016

Can you please put my stats and stuff back to level 1000 on multiplay and level ten prestige two on zombies, because i worked really hard to get all the camos and everything and this kid thought i was hacking.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Larry Leroy TellsFeb 08, 2016

I have a problem with being able to join a party in game and being able to stay joined with them I have to get out of to game and then join with them to stay with them is there a fix for this thank you for your time.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tony TellsDec 31, 2015

Why are we being Dictated on how we play, with this new update ./ I paid $60 to play how I want to play I run and gun and I camp, it depends on what gun I use. So You might as well put an Update in to get rid of the Sniper Class Treyarch was my favorite game maker of all time I am Totally Disgusted in the Decision making of this Update I Do Not like to be KICKED from a game just cause I stop in a corner or on top of a vehicle Sniping and loose the game that I am Playing with friends in .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Anees Bhan TellsDec 18, 2015

Fuking no getting fuking players since one hour fuking with my fuking OP fuking PC. U suck. Suck. Never make fuking fuked up servers like fuking shit fucking fuk fuking fuuk. Fook you and rocstar. And my ISP.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Daniel Cone TellsDec 04, 2015

I bought Black ops three a while back and I am rank 30 and my emblem and clan tag are still locked. I also cant change my calling card. I select on the new one i want, but it changes back to my old one. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but that didn't seem to work. Also in campaign my custom outfits wont show during cut scenes. A couple of my friends are also having the same problems. How do i fix it? I would appreciate if you got back to me, Thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Your A Prick TellsNov 10, 2015

Your fucking game is a pile of shit and you are all a pile of pricks and can not make a normal game. The fact I get about ten hit markers from 2foot away proofs that is shit and two hit markers for a knife when the fuck has it ever been like that. And you connection to other peoples wifi is shot, I get lagged out 5-6 times in a hour what the fuck.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Chaglar Bober TellsNov 08, 2015

I have purchased Black ops three for xbox 360 and when ever me and my friends go in a game it either lags us our, freezes, connection interrupts or stops. Can you please solve this problem for online gaming. And also we do not get a KD. That's bs.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Varun Swamy TellsAug 14, 2015

I have COD black ops 2. Whenever I try to run this game it gives an error which shows " error quit was not requested in the main thread ". I have tried updating my steam. It doesnt help. Please help me .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Easymoney9267 TellsApr 28, 2015

DLC' s disappeared and won't let me play on the maps. I sent Treyarch an email about what happened. Can Treyarch please give me all my DLC's back for free.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jacob Reeves TellsFeb 21, 2015

Can you all fix blackops two server it won't let me finish a game without saying I'm disconnected if this problem is not resolved I Wont buy anymore call of duty stuff and I love call of duty, but this problem needs to be fixed. I called no one answered is that how you treat costumers.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Will Matthews TellsOct 26, 2014

Whilst I am playing league play my bullets aren't connecting with the enemy player and also whenever I am winning a league match. I suddenly get kicked offline. Is there any way you can help me with this?

Customer service phone male
Mr. Brad TellsOct 24, 2014

I have been buying games from you guys for years now and now my black opps2 quit working and every time I try to get a hold of you people you never answer. You will not be able to reach me on my email, so text or call my number . If this problem doesn't get resolved then I am leaving you all and I will tell everyone that you do not help customers.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mason Viada TellsOct 21, 2014

I've been playing black ops two for like one year and every time i prestige it uses my unlock token automatically and I've reached prestige five and i have a lot of stuff diamond and i want to prestige, but I am scared I'll get fresh started can you please fix this?

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kalieb Beers TellsOct 18, 2014

Hello my name is Kalieb beers. I have a problem with your call of duty black ops two zombies OK. What i mean is, i done the Easter egg on buried zombies and it shows that i do as an the lightning is showing and it is lighting up blue it did not give me my Achievement and i spend weeks and days trying for this achievement. I finally got it and i it didn't show up and it froze my file kick me off-line and i resolve this problem by deleting my profile and then transferring my license back to my consul again for the second time in a row. I didn't have my call of duty black ops two mind games in buried, be their pawn.Now i even have the proof because the people i was playing with got the achievement and i did not. This was not my fault. It didn't give it to me i did everything correctly I'd like for you to give me my achievement that i earned ok and if you need my xbox live file let me know because this is ungodly aggravating. Let me as soon as possible.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Noah Halliburton TellsNov 08, 2013

When I lost a bet online psn I had to make a certain emblem I tried to contact them, but nobody answered when I got an operator I could not understand what they said since I got banned from the custom emblems I can not get a real person or the operator hung up out of rudeness if that was even a real person I will gladly delete the emblem and all related emblems if they would let me back on the custom emblems, but I can not get reach of anybody so I my real complaint is that I could not get ahold of a real person and the operator hung up out of rudeness signed noach200 psn.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Keaton Denney TellsOct 16, 2013

I just recently bought apocalypse and it done show in my download history and it only lets me play it once a day, but no origins and that's what I got it for and after the one game of multiplayer it says I do not have the DLC and I have an xbox

Customer service phone male
Mr. Ben Wurst TellsOct 12, 2013

shadow178910 is a booster who also uses a modded controller and has said some extremely offensive thing on Xbox Live party chat and he has gotten one or two nuclears from boosting and if you look farther into his recent games you can probably find a game on hijacked where he boosted for a nuclear. This will also be his 3rd boosting offense.

Customer service phone male
Mr. stephen TellsOct 11, 2013

my paralizer in black ops two wont fly (when i shoot it down)i also cant seem to get phd flopper in buried. I jumped of the stairs 30 times and i still cant get! please help! thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. noo TellsOct 10, 2013

I play black ops two online with my phones portable wifi hotspot and it keeps kicking me out of puplic matches saying.
it says that for three days now

Customer service phone male
Mr. Dv Flavorz TellsSep 07, 2013

i was in the middle of a match in black ops two when my profile is signed out and said it was signed into another console. i signed back in and i was reset. i had diamond snipers and subs and assault rifles. my friend did it because i left his clan and started a new one. is there anyway you could put me back up to prestige master with my diamond guns? please

Customer service phone male
Mr. Lui caliber TellsAug 31, 2013

Theres a guy named in ps3 Hell_Razor102 he uses a glitch to boost its a xp lobby this guys always boosts and he needs to get banned or anything just please do something . FYI this glitch has a no gamerecording available so you cant see evidence . Please glitch also .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Raiden TellsAug 26, 2013

I am wondering why it takes a while to update the challenge info after you completed a match or the challenge my 2nd complaint is why does it always keep saying error when me and my bro want to recruit others in our clan

Customer service phone male
Mr. kingofbatle511 TellsAug 24, 2013

cheating, in the clan CU4L . capthightimes and deltasniper are both cheating . capthightimes every game gets a warthog, deltasniper is using a aim bot . just please check them out .

Customer service phone male
Mr. deanogrant1980 TellsAug 20, 2013

Treyarch you are the best can you please stop hackers we found two they wher called ThE_KaDs_Weed-2 and ThE-KaDS-WeeD on psn they had a dragon fire with 0 kills they had a dragonfire and warmachine

Customer service phone male
Mr. Joey Larson TellsAug 19, 2013

For playstation3 there is a booster,his gamer tag is Mikemike_424. My gamer tag is BROSEPH5683 and if you go on my theater mode and go to the map magma it is domination an is 10:59 long. Thank you if you do all if this cause I hate boosters/cheaters

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tatiana Rodriguez TellsAug 19, 2013

Umm, i got banned from black opps 2? I do not know why?! I think i got reseted too I am like really scared I worked REALLY hard for that stuff:( Can i not get banned!?;~; please? My gamer tag is XxSC4MMERxX

Customer service phone male
Mr. Dylan Lipsey TellsAug 17, 2013

Um yes trey arch I am never buying another game under you just the fact that you have ruined bo2 it's not like it used to be so fix it It's a load of bull now I know you lowered the power on guns, but damn I never knew it was possible to get five hit markers at point blank range with the type 25 and another thing lower the pistols I mean get real I've never knew the pistol was that powerful so get real please fix it

Customer service phone male
Mr. xXD4RKSKULLxX TellsAug 13, 2013

I was playing Call of Duty black ops two and I became 4th persteige and I pressed on reset stats because i thought it would only reset my kill death ratio so I clicked on it and it rset my rank could one of you guys please put my rank back to 4th presteige my xbox live gamertag is xXD4RKSKULLxX

Customer service phone male
Mr. Derek Anthony TellsAug 06, 2013

There was a glitch I do not know what happened I was playing buried zombies on crossbones zombie level then my level chaneged to skull blue eyes now all my friends want report me cuz they think I am hacking or modding, but I am not do not kno how and never will

Customer service phone male
Mr. edward TellsAug 04, 2013

You need to make a zombie map called traveling time. It is a future map. The new wonder weapon will be a flaming disc launcher called the you make up the name for the alien gun. And it is like two maps a time transporter can take you back in time or in the future. There will be editing in the map. In the future and the past.

Customer service phone male
Mr. chad TellsAug 04, 2013

you need to make a zombie map named scraped at a construction building. You meed to make a alien gun called the cementer. The cementer will shoot liquid cement and it will dry when it hits the zombie and drys up and makes them into stone then they blow up.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mr curt TellsAug 03, 2013

Well today is August two, 2013 and I got hacked and they were trying to get me banned because they got over 50 head shots in one game so I would like to get some help with that Xbox Live CRAZYxAFRICANS

Customer service phone male
Mr. Allen TellsAug 02, 2013

I purchased a season and I have all the maps added before vengeance and now my season pass is gone I am very upset because I paid for it and I am not getting what I paid for?!? Please help

Customer service phone male
Mr. DYNAMITE DJ POW TellsAug 02, 2013

i was in a lobby with a host that was somehow prestiging in a domination game, and then i left and then the next day i got on and it do not let me play. Unban me please or me and all my friends are cancling and going to ps3.

Customer service phone male
Mr. jp TellsAug 02, 2013

Xbox360 blackops two probation i have not played in two day got a message saying I am on probation and might get a permanent ban if it happens again.. this os bullshit

Customer service phone male
Mr. David Smith TellsAug 01, 2013

when I was playing back ops two it kicked me out of the online server during a game and would not let me back on the online server. When my friend tried to get on his ps3 and play with the same exact internet it let him play on the online server with no problem. What do I do to get on the online server?

Customer service phone male
Mr. Dominic Brown TellsJul 24, 2013

My call of duty black ops two won't work I set it to instantly go to zombies mode and zombies freezes up my ps3 so I can not play any more thanks for the waste of money treyarch I spent 69$ on it and it does not work I hope no one else buys this waste of money until I get it fixed I will use halo instead

Customer service phone male
Mr. daniel major TellsJul 24, 2013

I have no problem, but a business offer because me and my employees have made a game that takes call of duty to the next step further and it will blow your mind.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Ihasmuffins69 TellsJul 24, 2013

Today at July seventh I updated black ops two and for some reason in the update me and my friends can not get on black ops two nor modern warfare three what could be the problem

Customer service phone male
Mr. TJ Ridenour TellsJul 24, 2013

You guys came out with an update today for Black Ops two and now it's freezing up and when i get past the freezing it deleted all the map packs i bought on zombies. I went to go play on multiplayer xbox live because it was working before and it said that I had to download Nuketown 2025 again when i downloaded it about two or three months ago.

Customer service phone male
Mr. charlie TellsJul 24, 2013

I updated my black ops two game for the xbox. I have it set up so it takes me to multiplayer when I start the game, but it freezes with a few numbers on the top right corner. Please help.

Customer service phone male
Mr. jermaine TellsJul 24, 2013

These people say I am getting reset for boosting in black ops 2. And i told them that I was not trying to boost, I kept on leaving because I didn't want to play on that map. Can you stop it from happening. Thank you

Customer service phone male
Mr. DIRTY BULLETBOI TellsJul 17, 2013

I am not happy I was on split screen with my brother on his Xbox he was was on his account and ideas on mine and he killed three people on our team on hard-core team death match on black ops two and we got kicked o got put on probation and he did not get put on probation, but he killed people why is this

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